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The Snowball Fight

With the winter season around the corner, I couldn’t help but remind everyone of this gorgeous winter set from Ionic. It makes a perfect winter scene with its snowy pavements, snow pile and there’s even a pretzel cart full of warm, freshly made pretzels. The bears found a snow bucket for collecting snowballs from ADAndel and couldn’t resist filling them up with snowballs perfect for a snowball fight. Kuri isn’t quite…

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Wake up with me

It is nice to have people to blackmail for in payment for one picture I’ve managed to get a couple picture twice! twice. Okay, so perhaps it counts more as thrice really. Yet, It was worth it to get someone into my Bear’s pretty bedroom. Have I mentioned Bears love sleepovers too? No? well, they do. Better yet, they love waking up to a pretty view and a lovely breakfast…

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Hot Chocolate and some knitting

There’s a buss of activity down at Bear central and that’s because the land is being done up for the approaching yuletide season. A cosy cabin has been brought in by the power of Virtual world magic and it’s one from Trompe Loeil. This cabin is so comfy looking. It’s the perfect winter warmer type of home to having for Christmas and Bear fully intends to share. For the moment,…

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Hey, Pumpkin Pie

I had this scene done long before I made the previous post but for some reason, it just wouldn’t picture. It always seemed wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Do you ever have those days where nothing you do seems to come out as it’s meant to? well, I was having one of those with this scene. I had, by the end of it, become so sick…

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Morning light

Hi everybody, today’s post is a home and garden one and I’m excited to bring you some items available right now at Collabor88. Did you know that this round the theme is a flashback to the 70’s? I find myself really fortunate enough to get to work with this amazing set from Fancy Decor. It’s really pretty. It’s all elegant lines and a retro vibe.  I’m absolutely in love with…

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  • link in profile! Here is the post featuring the outfit my avatar was wearing in the last sneak peak. Don't you just love pink? I can't be the only one. #semotion #thegirlpowerevent #msdesign #nomi #slavi #virtualinteriors #secondlife #kurimukuma
  • Hot Chocolate & some knitting. Featuring top from #asteroidbox and pants from #cynful and a lovely #whatnext hot chocolate station for a yummy warm treat. Post link in profile.
  • Here's what my avatar is dressed like today #lotd #semotion made this really cute hat. I love the bento ver because it moves with you. Proper neat! #momoko made the top & its at G.Power event. Hurry, it's the last round! #voz (face stickers) #msdesign (bear) #MBirdie (bottoms) #kustom9 #secondlifeavi #secondlife #virtualblogger
  • new post, link in profile. It's nice to have #slfriends to help out when a post is going wrong #secondlife #collabor88 #thesecretstore #lamb #serendipity #keke #fancydecor #ingenue #legalinsanity #trompeloeil #vespertine #dustbunny
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I'm currently really enjoying where my plot of land is, it makes for a pretty 'through the window' experience. #fancydecor #keke #secondspaces #collabor88 #c88 #ariskea #whatnext #interiordecor #virtualinteriors #scarletcreative #kurimukuma

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