The Midas Touch

The Epiphany is here and like most people  it took me quite the time to get in but when I did, it was on! I think I had been beaten with the lucky stick because I was lucky enough to bag quite a lot of rares. I stunned myself. The streak had to end somewhere but before it did, I was rolling in swag and my purse went ouch. Here in this image I used some of my new found acquisitions. The cute new gacha hair by Sintiklia and the gacha by Cubic Cherry both available at the Epiphany.

Although you can’t see it in all its complete glory I am in love with this bun. I didn’t think I would like a bun because …it’s a bun right? wrong! It’s a ‘cute’ bun. I can’t wait to get the pigtail version I’m looking forward to getting that in my favourate hair colour as I still haven’t yet. I did however win a rare, no two rares from the same hair set and will no doubt be using those for some more pictures to come as well as being able to properly display this one.

I am wearing the gloves and the halo from Cubic Cherry’s gacha called Midas Touch, I still have to win the dress but at the moment my lucky streak doesn’t seem to extend to that gacha, so I’m going to try another day. Wish me luck!

Psst, did you notice I tried a different kind of picture this time? I hope you like it.

Total lost at the epiphany so far? approximately 5k

Joy gained? Immeasurable!


Hair: Sintiklia – Insta girl – Sky (gacha) @Epiphany
Halo: [Cubic Cherry] 07 {Midas Touch} halo white @Epiphany
Gloves: [Cubic Cherry] 03 {Midas Touch} gloves white @Epiphany
Confetti: {vespertine}– confetti in the air /gold

Pose: Hello Gorgeous – Ocean Eyes – Ocean Eyes 4

Head Piece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Gladiolus Wreath [golden]

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