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Our Little Cave

Here is another one of those lucky rares I told you all about in previous posts. Told you it was a lucky day. This is the Rare from Reign’s Gacha at Epiphany, the set is called The Babe Cave. I got two of the rares and one was the skybox and the other was the closet. Using these two mains I decorated the box for Ichi and I because it is made up of everything we love. Also I have wanted to have a Reign closet for so long. I can’t believe I finally won one. Ichi actually decorated the space on the shelves while I attended my BVN Class in-world. She did such a good job I didn’t wish it to be changed at all.

Using other commons won and some of my already existing furniture I decorated the place (so much fun) Something else happened since this image was taken and that’s the two kitties that moved in and are currently running around the room. They seem to love it just as much as we do. We haven’t finished the half I have designated the bedroom yet but that’s still a work in progress.


Here are the credits :

BuildREIGN.- BABE CAVE #1 RARE @Epiphany 

Closet:  REIGN.- BABE CAVE CLOSET- # 2 RARE @Epiphany 

Pictures:  REIGN.- BABE CAVE FRAME CLUSTER- # 19 @Epiphany 

Sofa:  REIGN.- BABE CAVE SOFA- #15 @Epiphany 

Laptop: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Laptop [W] (gacha)

Moon picture: :HAIKEI: Daydream_GACHA / {1-Earth} (gacha) Kustom9

Lights: [ keke ] glitter chandelier . gold

Plants left:dust bunny . potted cheese plant / dust bunny . harvest . jug of sunflowers

Bread buns: dust bunny . harvest feast . dinner rolls (gacha)

Newspaper & glasses: dust bunny . sunday newspaper (gacha)

Side table: dust bunny . blanket storage table (previous flf purchase)

Boxes on floor: {what next}  Storage Box -Colours 2

Books on table: +Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Shelved – Pastel

Coffee Table: [ARIA] Ophelia coffee table

Plant on Table: dust bunny . hoya plant

Flower plant on closet shelf: Ariskea[Isabelle] Hydrangea Vase [Greeny]

Shoes & shoe pile in corner: Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter – Colorful Pile / Shoe Clutter Black / Red

Makeup box: -tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Organizer

Chair:  REIGN.- BOSS BABE OFFICE CHAIR- # 13 @Epiphany 

open suitcase: +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty – Open Suitcase – Ice Cream (gacha)

Sweetie Jar (pink): -Nomi-Princess Closet-Candy Jar-2(Light)

Rug: [DDD] Furry Rugs  (previous flf purchase)

Chicks: {anc} little chick – pink – 07 /running/04/tiptoe (gacha)


Our Little Cave

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