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A safe place from the storm

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Come on out of the rain and into my arms
Run to me, to a love that’s safe and warm…

When it’s raining outside the best place to be always, at least I believe so, is indoors where it’s nice and warm. Better yet…curled up in front of the fire and soft sheets while the rain batters at the window panes and the wind howls ineffectively. A safe place from the storm.

Today I am featuring a post that is an accumulation of two days work I hope you like it. When the Salinger Barn came from Collabor88 I was eager to get to decorating it.  I have a soft spot for Trompe Loeil buildings and I could not wait to start. All the lovely items currently out also at Collabor88 made decorating so much fun, I wanted to present something messy but comfortable. Haphazard but enticing. A place lit up by warmth and light but also with the feeling of having arrived in from the wet and the cold.

During the week I came home wet, cold and miserable having ridden through the horrible weather and the mud. The first thing I did when I got home was turn on the heating and change into some warm comfortable clothes, had some hot tea and something sweet. That feeling I felt in that moment finally being indoors and away from the rain is what I wanted to convey.

So close the door and lets curl up, all nice and toasty warm and take a look through all the credits below.

All items listed below only available currently at Collabor88’s February Round

Building: Trompe Loeil – Salinger Barn
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil – Salinger Woodstoves
Curtains: MudHoney – Talia Drapes
Pictures on wall behind: Ariskea – [Fluffy] Lights & Frames
Pillows: MudHoney – Talia Pillows
benchMudHoney – Talia Bench
Fluffy Bench/Pouf: Ariskea – [Fluffy] Fluffy Pouf [Blue]
Metal seat/bed: Kalopsia – Rainy Camp Bed
Carpet (plain white): Soy. – Shag Round Rug w. texture changer
Rug (patterned) : MudHoney – Talia Rug
Books on table: MudHoney – Talia Books
Umbrella holder: Kalopsia – Rainy Boots – Umbrella Holder
Plant by stove: Ariskea – [Fluffy] Eucalyptus Plant [Yellow vase]
Black and gold candles on floor in front of stove: MudHoney – Talia Candle

The metal umbrella holder by the bench: Second Spaces -Rainy Day Cart


More items;

Sleeping puppy: Mutresse – Sleeping-Dalmatian Puppies
Plants on table: +Half-Deer+ Love Succs – Heart Cactus ; [ keke ] paper whites – jar ; dust bunny . hoya plant
Bunny in a cup under the table: +Half-Deer+ Beep – Oolong Teabeep
Haybales in the barn: dust bunny . harvest . haybale
Pot pile: *ionic* Piled Pots

Packet of crisps; dust bunny . Sweetheart Lunch

See you tomorrow for another update.

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