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Today I wanted to show off some more items from the Collabor88 round. As it winds down lets have a look at yet a few more lovely items. Here we have a necklace so cool, it reads cool and it’s from Bauhaus Movement. The outfit is by Zenith and the hair is from Tram. If you want to grab them from Collabor88 you’ll have to be quick, there’s a change in the air in the next few days. A new round will appear on the 8th.

Here come the credits!


Hair: Tram H0125 hair @Collabor88

Necklace: Bauhaus Movement – Milano Necklace / SILVER @Collabor88

Outfit: =Zenith= Raining Shopping Dress with Bag (Deep Blue) -Maitreya @Collabor88


More Items

Lanyard: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Lanyard [B]

Hair accessory in mouth: VCO ~ Kiss me Hairband [ Candy cube ]

Socks/boots: Sweet Thing. Pet Platforms – Pink

Background: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA (all background items are from this gacha, the picture on the board however is edited by me)

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