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A garden full of kittys

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Look what I have today! I’ve got an arm full and leg full…and everything full of kittys and they are adorable. These are by Cubic Cherry and are at the current round of The Arcade. I am lucky enough to now be an official blogger for this store but be in no doubt, I would have been at that gacha machine raiding all the kitties. You know this, I’m sure of it. Some gachas are just worth it!

I would have in particular been playing for the gamer kitty because she (and I am dubbing her a she, just because) is most like me. I probably don’t count as a gamer in the true sense of the word in as much as I like playing simulation games. I tend to bounce from my all time love the sims to final fantasy, black dessert online…Elder Scrolls and then back again. Rinse and repeat.

The only other games I tend to play are, hmm lets see…Japanese dating sims, karaoke games or best of all dancing games like Just Dance, Dance Evolution and its sort. I don’t think they count us as true gamers even though we are equally just as passionate about the games we do love. It’s okay though, there’s a certain quiet smugness that comes with being able to beat almost anybody at rhythm/dance games.

I loved the fact that the kitty was also nibbling away at a tortilla chip. I love tortilla chips with a passion. Mmmm…Doritos. They have become a rare treat now that I’m getting better with my diet. I do think the Countess is most like my sister, she’s a princess and has very good taste, naturally she demanded a space on my lap.

Here I am with the whole gang, aren’t they just brilliant? These are all the commons and we posed for a photo with a pancake cake because today is the owner of Cubic Cherry’s birthday. Happy Birthday!

In celebration of this day the VIP group is free to join for today only. So what are you waiting for? Simply paste the following link into your public chat box in Second life and click the link when it comes up.


These kitties are for holding and they come with a hold animation but they can also be rezzed at only 1 land impact each. Want to get one of your very own? or two..or three…or more? Pop down to The Arcade right now and have a play on the machine, lets see who you get! Share and let us know who you got. Isn’t this exciting?!


The adorable Kitties: [Cubic Cherry] Meows gacha (@arcade) (23.02.2018)

{Meows} gacha set [Cubic Cherry] @ ARCADE

Pose in Picture 1: SEmotion – SEbento-Fsit09 from the Female Sits Set

Hair in picture 1: Sintiklia – Xia – Light Blondes  @Blush

Hair in picture 2: Tram – H0125 hair(bangs1) @Collabor88

Dungarees: {Ghoul} Aimi Dungarees – FREYA – Mint @Blush

Lingerie & Top: Chocolate Atelier – Hertta *Pink* Applier

Pancake cake: ionic : Blueberry Pancake

Crisps: dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . potato chips

Pose used in Picture 2: NC – Lay on the floor (marketplace)



  • Hideaway (sitting in) is by Scarlet Creative and called Rose Hideaway (part of LuxeBox now closed)
  • Trees and Hills are by HPMD (Happy Mood)
  • The rocks on the hill is by Dysfunctionality and called Wayfarer’s Ruins
  • The washing line is by What Next and called Homely Washing Line


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