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This weekend I was so worn out I spent some real life time instead of Second Life time. I decided to go out to town…and it promptly snowed all day long. So much so I had to return home without having accomplished most of what I had wanted to accomplish.

So, the rest of the weekend was spent lounging about at home under the sheets where it was warm and it snowed outside. I had lots of things I shouldn’t have eaten and played Sims 4…a lot. I missed my planned visit to the Coffee shop so intensely I whinged about it the whole way through Sunday. Each time I checked out the window, hoping the snow might have magically stopped and disappeared, I was disappointed to find it was merely wishful thinking on my part.

Where has my Spring Sunshine gone?!

While I am waiting for it’s return, here are a set of images I took over the weekend featuring Cynful’s new outfit out at C88’s current round. It is as always a beautifully crafted piece. It’s one of those ‘I don’t want to take it off’ items. My avatar felt all feminine and pretty. I matched them with shoes from Hucci. I’ve finished off the look with the necklace and bracelets and clutch by Lagyo also from C88.

Pose: SEmotion Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 4 – SEmodeling-39*

SEmotion also has ‘the’ cutest new Modeling poses out. I’m in love! These are so cute and you just know they are going to appear again soon when I show you more of the available poses. These are very very pretty. You’ll love them. Trust me. They are bento poses and so they make use of the fingers and hands in the sweetest poses.

This pose is part of the inbuilt pose for the Clutch from Lagyo. It is static and has no motion. It does however come with a no animation verstion too.

Mudskin also has a new gacha out at Tres Chic. My current skin, eyes and glasses are from that gacha. This skin is so cute! and I absolutely adore these glasses, even the eyes are made of gorgeous. I’m really happy with this look.

Pose: SEmotion Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 4 – SEmodeling-31*

Pose: SEmotion Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 4 – SEmodeling-32*


Items available from the current Collabor88 round…

Outfit: Cynful – Antheia Romper* by Gyorgyna.larnia  @Collabor88

Necklace: LaGyo – Eden Necklace – Gold* by Gyorgyna.larnia @Collabor88

Bracelet: LaGyo – Eden Bangle – Gold* by Gyorgyna.larnia @Collabor88

Clutch: LaGyo – Eden Clutch – Tropical* by Gyorgyna.larnia  @Collabor88

Vines: DaD – Climbing Ivy – mod.02* @Collabor88

Poses: SEmotion – Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 4 – used 32,31 & 39* @Collabor88

Shoes: Hucci – Douai Sandal* @Collabor88


Supporting Cast:

Skin: Mudskin – Yoni’s Favourate Skin – Makeup 1 – 104 @TresChic

Glasses: Mudskin – Ikemen Glasses #2 (from Yoni’s Favourate Skin gacha) @TresChic

Eyes: Mudskin – Yoni Lens #2 (from Yoni’s Favourate Skin gacha) @TresChic

Hair: Sintiklia – Xia

Tattoo on chest: Milk Tea – St Patrick’s Kiss (acquired from the Finders Keepers St Patricks Day Hunt)

Chair: Nomad – Grid Chair – Silver

Backdrop: RAMA – Robbo Bridge (not purchased by me)


*denotes items generously provided by Creator/Event. Items without were purchased or acquired by me or gifts.

Mesh body and Head used in today’s look is the Maitreya body and the Catwa Lona mesh head.

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