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Call on the Darkness

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…and she will most likely answer.

I wanted to try something with dark colours again and the new gacha set by Cubic Cherry. It is called Crucis. I’m trying very hard not to fangirl all over you but even the name makes me squeal in excitement. The best thing about this beautiful creation is that it comes with colour options. They come in Silver, Gold and Black options and play with light amazingly well, as you can see from the picture. I could sit and trace the screen and swear I almost feel every bump on the horns, that is how well made they are.

I had been initially tempted to make a shot using the light colours in the pack but the darkness called to me and I had to answer. In light it is beautiful, in dark it is enticing. The fact that I luckily won a Loot Box from playing Enfant Terrible’s gacha sealed the deal. I followed the darkness without complaint. I have included a shot below to not only show them in a couple windlights but also to show off the skin I’m wearing.

My avatar’s skin is by Spirit and it is currently available at C88. It’s called Victoria and I’m using the ‘Porcelain’ tone. I really liked the feel it gave to my dress up session. I think it finished the look very well. I am not wearing any lipgloss, this sweet lip shine just comes naturally with the skin. This very cute and wispy hairstyle is by Sintiklia and it is also new at LootBox. I must have lucky fingers because it’s also a Loot Box win and it is so beautiful. It might be quicker to state that I adore everything I’m wearing so much given half the chance I would ramble on about it for a good long while.

The tattoos are by Stardust and these are incredibly beautiful, hand drawn tattoos. Here I am using the black version. The top half comes with an incredibly detailed back design too. Click here to see the product’s promo image, by it’s creator,  which shows you the detailed back. The bottom half of the Tattoo, covering the leg is called Youna.


Horns: 00[Cubic Cherry] {Crucis} horns butterflies (lootbox excl.)* @LootBox

Halo: 04[Cubic Cherry] {Crucis} tangled halo BLACK* @LootBox

Crosses: 08[Cubic Cherry] {Crucis} crosses halo GOLD* @LootBox

Foreheadaccessory: 05[Cubic Cherry] {Crucis} cross bindi GOLD* @LootBox

Necklace: 11[Cubic Cherry] {Crucis} necklace GOLD* @LootBox

Tattoo: Stardust – Youna & Yume – Black

Skin: Spirit – Victoria (Catwa)* @C88

*denotes items generously provided by Creators/Events for review purposes.



Here’s a list of supporting items acquired by myself;

Hair: Sintiklia – Butterfly – Hair Leia – Rare 1 @LootBox

Outfit: Enfant Terrible – Lorelei Harness, Lorelei Fur Black, Lorelei Robe Black – maitreya (all from RARE 2 Lootbox) @LootBox

Shoes: Phedora – Coax Boots

pose used: FOXCITY. Hair Days – Catch All

Wolves: SpotCat – Wolf #02

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