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I want a reading nook

I did indeed. I was feeling in a building mood. One of my favourate things to do is build and this is particularly the case when I play the Sims. I think most of my time is spent moving house and building new houses for my Sims when I get to play. This time however, I wanted something but didn’t have any idea how to find it.

So I thought, if I can’t find it, I will simply build it. here is the result of my building, it was fun. If I can’t have one in real life, I shall build one in the virtual world.

View HQ on Flickr

I love how it came out. So I took a picture so I would always have a memory of it. Below are the credits.

Items currently available at Collabor88Hanging flowers: +Half-Deer+ Hanging Dried Flowers – Spring* 1Li @c88Items currently available at Illuminate Event

Pillow creme: Dahlia – Blossom Accent Pillows – .08 (gacha) 1Li @Illuminate

Pillow Green: Dahlia – Blossom Accent Pillows – .05 (gacha) 1Li @Illuminate


Supporting Cast:

Sunshine bunting & ribbon display: {moss&mink} Sunshine Backdrop (vip group gift) -modded to remove wood background 6Li

Suitcase (stacked): +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty – Luggage – Princess (gacha) 6Li

Pinapple plant on ground: nani+eliavah / fae’s monarch – pineapple planter [rez] (gacha) 3Li

Floor Cushion with pillow: {moss&mink} Floor Cushion (Vip group gift) 3Li

Lower wall Panelling in yellow & white: Onsu ~ “FRQ” Wainscoting ~ Model. A ~ 1 Panel 2Li+ each panel (comes with HUD colours) currently 1/2 price at Onsu sale currently running. (Time sensitive)


Frame with pink doughnut: emm { scalloped frame : purple }* 1Li

Frame with cream top doughnut: emm { scalloped frame : yellow}* 1Li (all come with changeable images)

Brown frame picture: {moss&mink} Love Hideaway – Art Print GIFT 1Li

Bench: {moss&mink} Bench seat 1Li per Bench (resized) 2 used in image

Unicorn statue: +Half-Deer+ Porcelain Unicorn Figurine (White Base) resized 1Li

Flowers next to it: [ keke ] paper whites – jar 3Li


Windows: +Half-Deer+ Faux Window – Sunny Day (High Blinds) 1Li

All books used: +Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Stack 1Li each pile

Shelves: +Half-Deer+ Chroma Glass Shelf – Glass*Gold 1Li

Jars on the floor: .random.Matter – Art Studio – Glitter Jars 1LI

Blankets in suitcase: +Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets – Pink Floral 1Li

Suitcase (open): +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty – Open Suitcase – Princess 5Li  (gacha)

Lockers: Wednesday[+] ~ Lockers 7Li (tinted by me)

Round Rug: Soy. Shag Round Rug w. texture changer 1Li


Walls built with: Wall Elements by Watsoon Steampunk  (textured by me)


*denotes items generously given for blogging/review purposes by Creators

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