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The single room

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Today I wanted to make a single room that was feminine but lightly furnished and fresh but also had a student-y feel to it and Ionic’s Small Things gacha plays a heavy part in this decor scene. I wanted minimalist but lived in feel. That moment where you’ve just started making a collection of items that are all yours and they don’t all yet match. Yet each one is precious because they are yours. Not your parent’s, not part of the ‘as long as you live under my roof’ rules, not hand me downs from cousin so and so. Yours. Your money. Your rules. Your taste.

The important thing was, it had to be a low prim setting.

(If you would like to see a gallery of the individual items used and the credits, scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Small spaces to work with in Second Life are one of my favourate things. There is less space for things to go wrong and a smaller space to fill. You can afford to sacrifice prims on certain things but also you can fill a space for less prims. Take time to imagine for example having 100 to 200 prims to work with and needing to fill two floor spaces or a 3 bedroom house. It tends to work better for the look (and your prims) if you have a smaller area to fill.

Sometimes when you are limited by prims it helps to consider what you need versus what you want. Are you REALLY going to use that virtual kitchen you want…really? or the bathroom? do you envision your avatar is really going to need to carry out daily ablutions? If you’re only going to stick a sink a toilet and a carpet in a large bathroom space and that’s it…then I’m going to have to say No. If you really can’t live without that bath that will make your mother blush why not try the ‘Crazy Bear‘ approach?

For small spaces I like light colours. It makes it feel spacious and airy. Just like in this current scene. The whole setting minus the build took up 78 prims (add 1 extra for the floor prim I rezzed and textured  with a carpet texture.)

When low on prims or needing clutter items to bring a place to life I really love using gacha items and below I have put together a little gallery slide show of all the adorable pieces used in this scene from Ionic and if you are looking for all the other items I have the credits below.


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Items from Ionic featuring gacha items from We are Young & Small Things gachas*

Computer desk: ionic : Espacio de trabajo RARE*

Flower bowl on top: ionic : Plantita de cristal*

Cigarette pack and coffee on top: ionic : Cafe y tabaco

Table (near window): ionic – Alternative vinyl table*

Bowl on top: ionic : Bol para helado*

Mandarine bowl on top: ionic : Mandarinas*

Dessert on top: ionic : Helado de fresa*

Mannequin: ionic – Vintage dress mannequin # silver*

Chair: ionic : Silla de escritorio*

Flower stuck to chair: ionic : La rosa que me regalaste*

Clock & keys on the wall: ionic : El reloj y las llaves*

Tote bags on wall 1: ionic – Tote Bag [ kisses ]*

Tote bags on wall 2: ionic – Tote Bag [ karma police ]*

Box of mini Catus’: ionic : Jaboncitos de cactus*

Satchel on side tableionic – Faux leather bag

ionic @ The Hidden Chapter

ionic · we are young @ The Chapter Four


Supporting items

Curtains: Knick Knacks shop (KKs) – Lace curtains 1Li each

Plant on the table behind: Ariskea – [Fluffy] Eucalyptus Plant [Yellow vase]*

Side table besides computer chair: Dust bunny – blanket storage table 2Li

Bed: Tarte – upcycled pallet bed 7Li

Magazine pile with yoghurt pot (floor): Tres blah – Hodgepodge – Morning Start 1 – 1Li

Messy spread of papers on floor: Tres blah – Hodgepodge – Paper Pile

Wardrobe: Dust bunny – olivia armoire . grey 8Li

Vintage frame: Silvery K – Shabby Chic(Frame_WhiteM)11 – 1Li

Wall picture(placed inside Vintage frame): HAIKEI – Picture frame [ K9 Birthday ] 1Li

Plants outside are by Hive ‘potted plants . cordyline tree’

*denotes items generously provided by creators/events for blogging/review purposes.


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