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Waiting for Alice

Beyond the old ruins lays the fully stocked table, I’ve made sure to cover it with a veritable spread fit for even the Queen. Yet she won’t sit at this table. Delicious delicacies of every delight waits to melt upon a lucky tongue and I can already see the delight in those blue eyes. The tea pots float proud and high in the air, held by the non-existent fingers of diligent keepers. Pouring never too much, never too little and always just enough.

Bubbles float by and catch the light covering this enchantment with a myriad of spectrum colours. They twinkle and glint while the grass quietly sways in the warm breeze. They seem full of excitement just like I am but mine bubbles up from my tummy and tickles the back of my nose and I want to laugh. The sound unpredictable and as always touched by a smidgen of madness around the edges. I wonder when she will be back.

The white rabbit was always such a terrible guide.


Step this way for the credits dear visitor…


From Spell (foreground items/furniture)

Starting from the back and then forward…

High back Chair: SPELL– Mad Hatter’s Armchair [Gold] 5Li

Pink Tall cake: SPELL– Chocolate & Cherry Cake 5Li

Pink pot on top of books: SPELL– A Teapot & Books 3Li

White stack of cups: SPELL– Stack of Tea Cups [White] 1Li

Cards pile: SPELL– Antique Poker Cards 1Li

Teapot and cup: SPELL– Tea & Milk Set 4Li

Teapot and cups floating above: SPELL– Floating tea cups & teapots 7Li

Colourful stack of cups: SPELL– Stack of Tea Cups [Colors] 1Li

Fruity cupcakes on a transparent stand: SPELL– Fruitcups 5Li

Cupcakes on wooden cake stand: SPELL– Painted Cupcakes Roses 7Li

Cake with Blueberries: SPELL– Blueberry Angel Food Cake 2Li

Layer Cake: SPELL– Four layer cream cake 1Li

Teacup with flower: SPELL– A Pansy – creature flower on a tea cup 2Li

Teacup & plate setting: SPELL– A Rose floating on tea 4Li

Bottle & spoon: SPELL– Drink me bottle 2Li

Floating teapot (colourful): SPELL– Magic Floating Teapot! 3Li

HatSPELL– Mad Hatter’s Hat

Table and Chairs (one piece)SPELL– Mad hatter party TABLE & CHAIRS – RARE

Chandelier: SPELL– Alice Chandelier – RARE


From Ionic (background items/buildings)

Castle: ionic – Runestone Castle 185Li

Arches/ruins: ionic – Sacred Ruins 38Li

Well: ionic – Well water 7Li

Lantern: ionic – The Elves light 9Li

All items above have been generously provided by Ionic & Spell for blogging/review purposes. Click on the creator names for location links inworld. The background items like the trees, grass and the bubbles are all from HPMD.


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