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Stand beside me, Bear

I have wanted the ability to finish off my avatar’s look for quite a while as I always considered her my little porcelain doll. I dress her every day and like making her adorably cute, stylishly modern and even turning her out into a magical fantasy. She’s a Bear girl but in my mind she’s a Bear girl dolfie a mix between my favourate teddy bear and my most prized dolfie.

Unfortunately, they do not make BJD mesh bodies in Second Life. Not the kind I’m looking for anyway that resizes and works with sliders like all the mesh bodies do anyway. So my next best alternative was to look for an applier that might simulate the same effect. Yet even that was very hard to accomplish.

After multiple queries that produced no results I recently learnt (completely by mistake) that there was an applier in one of Sweet Thing’s gachas. You can imagine what happened next. It’s got an amazingly comprehensive array of colour choices and the best part of wearing it on my Belleza Freya body is that you can tint layers on the Belleza body, so I was able to match it to my avatar’s skin better. To the best of my knowledge this function is not available on the Maitreya body.

I also get excited when I find gacha’s that come with Standard Sizes or Maitreya size gachas that can work with other mesh bodies with a lot of generous alpha-ing.

View HQ size on Flickr


Hair: Sintiklia – Leda (curly bang is from the Peony hair pack)

Freckles: Chatoyant – Freckles and Moles Applier CATWA

Eyes: S0ng – Airi – Black

Ears: VCO – Sera’s Ear Heart Piece 005 (gacha)

Skin: Mudskin – Yoni Make up from (Yoni’s Favourte Gacha) – using browless version

Lipstick: Baotaom –  Softly&Cutie Lipstick Catwa Applier 1 (reduced opacity with catwa hud to slightly colour change the original skin’s lips and give it a slightly different look)

Outfit: Amitomo – Rainbow Rhapsody GACHA – XS – 5 @Sanarae

Bjd applier: Sweet Thing – Ball-Jointed Doll Applier RARE (from Clockwork gacha) (currently only visible on leg but comes with top and bottom application)

Shoes: Phedora – Vivian Platforms

Pose: SEmotionSEmotion Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 7 (contains 10 poses)


Background items

Vending Machine: Taikou – vending machine (gum)

Traffic Cones: ionic – Traffic Cones (from Tokyo Life Gacha)

Fence: ionic – Wooden Fence Long

Cardboard Boxes: ionic – A pile of cardboard boxes (from Tokyo Life Gacha)

Backdrop: Lagom – Colorbomb Backdrops – [Container Pink] #09 (gacha)

Wall: Apple Fall – Kent Wall Set



**This is not a sponsored post all items were purchased by myself however I have highlighted the items from people I blog for regardless. Mesh head used is Steffi by Catwa. Extra items not clearly visible – finger rings are from Ama and have been previously blogged. Nails are from E.Marie.

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