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A Moroccan evening

Today I’m featuring a scenery with all of the lovely items that make up some of the beautiful items available at the Collabor88’s current round with a last flourish for the end of May. This is also a credit only post so please enjoy and the credits follow below.



Available from Collabor88

-Along the wall-

Guitar Shelving: PILOT & Can’t Even – Guitar Plant Shelf 3li* @C88

Drapes: Kalopsia – Zelie’s Macrame 4li each* @C88

Mirror: Loft & Aria – Roma Mirror Honey 11Li*  @C88



-In the middle seating area-

Standing Lamp: Soy – Brightly patterned shade Floor lamp 4Li* @C88

Side chairs: Second Spaces – Urban Gyspy – chair w/back pillow – bleached & w/side pillow 2Li each* @C88

Table with book: Kalopsia – Zelie’s Rattan Table 2Li* @C88

Lantern on tableSecond Spaces – Urban Gyspy – candle lantern – tall 1li* @C88

Table with Plants: Second Spaces – Urban Gyspy – coffee table – bleached 1Li* @C88

Plant 1 cactus: PILOT & Can’t Even – Potted Cactus 1Li* @C88

Plant 2 (middle): PILOT & Can’t Even – Marble Planter 1Li* @C88

Plant 3 Succulent: PILOT & Can’t Even – Potted Succulent 1Li* @C88

Carpet: Kalopsia – Zelie’s Rug 1Li* @C88

House plants fern: Hive – areca palm plant 4li* @C88

House plant (large leafed): Hive – oversized alocasia plant 3Li* @C88

Hanging lights: Hive – boho string lights 5Li per string, front line resized to 10Li* @C88


Supporting items:

Large urn plant: CONCEPT – 08. Sevilla. Big Pot (gacha) 2Li

Pillows on floor by tables: Dahlia – Blossom Accent Pillows – .08 & 05 (gacha) 1Li each

Pillows by the potted plant: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Floor Pillow 1 1 (gacha) 2Li

Walls: Apple Fall – Kent Wall Set (various 1 to 3Li as resized)

Path: Apple Fall – Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long) 1Li each – 2 used & 1 straight short

Trees and grass by HPMD


View HQ image on Flickr

=> Items with ‘*’ denotes items generously provided by Creators/Event for blogging/review purposes.

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