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The Gathering

I stumbled upon a little church a sunny afternoon and it seems like a little gathering  was taking place. They seemed preoccupied with each other so didn’t notice me but the feeling of stumbling upon this place wasn’t awkward. It just felt warm and comfortable like everyone knew and was completely at ease with each other. I wanted to try the drinks because they looked quite refreshing but I didn’t dare break the happy intimate scene.

So instead, I took a picture…or two.

Possibly more.

Just call me Spider Bear.

and now for the credits…

All below items are all from the ‘Celebration’ Gacha by Ionic

Building: Ionic – The White Chapel RARE from celebration gacha*

Ceiling Lace drapes: ionic – Hanging Lace Drapes 1li *

Chandelier: ionic – Ceremony Chandelier (White) 7Li *

Wooden Arch with leaves: ionic – Cereminy Altar TCF Gift 6li *

Table & Chairs: ionic – Ceremony Table & Chairs 16LI *

Bench (with roses): ionic – Ceremony bench (C 7li *

Bench (near window): ionic – Ceremony bench (D 3li *

Carpet with petals: ionic – Altar Rug 4Li *

Balloon (pink blue): ionic – Celebration! Balloon (A 1Li *

Balloon (Orange yellow): ionic – Celebration! Balloon (C 2Li *

Cabinet table: ionic – Kitchen work table 4li *

Shoe post: ionic – Grab a pair to dance some more! 5Li *

Drinks Bench: ionic – Infused Water 5Li *

Welcome sign: ionic – Reception Sign 4li *

Table Items...

With the exception of the blueberry pancake these are all from Spell’s ‘May’ Gacha*

Box of multiple berries: Spell – Berries box 3li *

Coffee & Books: Spell – Books & Coffee 2li *

Mushrooms: Spell – Mushrooms for cooking 1Li *

Album: Spell – Nature Scrapbook 2Li *

Bowl of Cherries: Spell – Bowl of cherries 2li *

Blueberry Pancakes: ionic – Blueberry Pancake 5li (this is not part of the above listed gachas and is mine from one of my yardsale adventures, unfortunately I do not recall which gacha this one was from)

Beautiful creatures….

These are all from Ionic’s ‘Friends’ gacha

Drawing: *ionic* – The illustrator Deer – 1Li *

Bunny DJ: *ionic* – The indie Bunny – 6Li *

Hugging: *ionic* – The Dearest Friends – 5li *

Nursing a mug of tea: *ionic* – The Hipster Deer – 3li *

Photographer: *ionic* – The Potographer Bunny – 4li *

Supporting Cast

Floral vines (ceiling): Half Deer – Fairylight Rose Vines – Pinks – Climb Med R 1 li each (x4 used)

View HQ on Flickr

‘*’ denotes items kindly provided by Creator for blogging/review purposes.

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