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Bears gone Camping!

One of the fun things to do in the Summer is to go camping, the weather is perfect for it! So the bears all decided to trundle off in our brand new Reign Glamping Trailer. As soon as I won it from the Arcade gacha I knew at some point we would be going off in it. What I hadn’t factored however was just how prettily made this trailer was. It looks so amazingly pretty inside. I should have expected such by now, since all my gacha items from Reign have been really well done but it still came as such a surprise.


We had a lovely time and there was a veritable buffet of things to eat, look at it all!

I would like to try camping in real life too however there is one thing the virtual world has over the real…the ability to control the weather, the bugs and the pollen. It’s on my bucket list of things to do because believe it or not, I have never gone real life camping before. When I do? It’s definitely going to be an all mod cons sort of camping.



I’m one of those that can’t spend more than half a day away from the internet. I know I will come across some plant or creature I don’t know or some random idea about nature will pop into my head and I will automatically think ‘oh I know, I’ll google the answer…’

One needs the internet for that.


The Credits

Hair: [monso] – My Hair – Yuqi* @Collabor88

Bikini: Cynful – Ilze’s Fishnet Bikini* (maitreya, freya, isis & hourglass) @Collabor88

Oranges on table: ionic : Oranges et Fleurs* 4Li @TheChapterFour

Wall Lamp: Second Spaces – Ocean Breeze Entry – lamp (swing out)* 1Li @Collabor88

Soda Can: Soy -Soda Can (hooded beach chair optional))* 1Li @Collabor88

Icecream Sandwiches: Dust bunny – homemade summer treats . ice cream sandwiches* 1Li @Collabor88

Bowl of chocolate: Dust bunny – homemade summer treats . chocolate chips* 1Li @Collabor88

Pose: Serendipity – Laura 3 (main image)* Laura 5 (2nd image)*

Serendipity: laura... @ Gallery Event

Face Animation: SEmotion – Female Bento Facial Amused Expressions HUD v.1* @Cosmopolitan (Main- using 6th expression on HUD & 2nd image using the 1st one) See below for the full range. Isn’t it amazing?!

SEmotion Female Bento Facial Expressions FULL HUD


here’s the one I used, I got a screen capture of it so you can see it up close

The Supporting Cast

Build/van: REIGN.- GLAMPING TRAILER- DOTS CANDY #15 98Li (105 plus physics box)(gacha) @TheArcade

Picture Frames: BAZAR – Berlin-painting1 and Berlin-painting2 1Li each

Fruit Kebabs and drinks: O.M.E.N – Dog Park Day – Fruit Kebabs GIFT 2Li

Macrame/window curtain: Dust bunny – woodland dreams . macrame art (gacha) 2Li

Folded Towels: Dust bunny – brunch . dish towels 1Li (gacha)

plant in glass jar: Dust bunny – olive branch heart 2Li (resized in image)

Plate of mangos and watermellon slices: e.mariexAriskea // We Run This Beach – Plate of Fruit 2Li @TheArcade

Glass spritzer: Dahlia – Kahvy – Vintage Mister – Pink

The teddies are by MishMish.


View hq on flickr

I am using the Belleza Freya mesh body and Catwa Uma mesh head.

‘*’Denotes items kindly provided by creators/events for blogging/review purposes.

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