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The Invitation

Meanwhile, as the bears head back home after a fun weekend of glamping, the decorators have been working diligently to rejuvenate the small land on which they live. A welcome home party is secretly being set up and the invitations have been sent. Have you received yours?



The Outdoors

These items are from Ionic’s C’est La Vie gacha currently available at The Chapter Four.

Buildingionic – Le Cottage – RARE* 129Li

Gate: ionic – Porte d’entree* 10Li

Keys: ionic – Antique Keys* 1Li

Pillar plants: ionic – Front door planter* 7Li

Chair: ionic – Garden Chair* 3Li

Table: ionic – Garden Table* 3Li

Milkshake & biscuits: ionic – Milkshake et biscuits* 4Li

Icecream: ionic – Artisan ice cream* 4Li

Cherry Cupcake & doughnuts: ionic – Delicieux* 8Li

Oranges: ionic – Oranges et Fleurs* 4Li

Glass sundaes: ionic – Tiramisu & Vanilla Sundae* 4Li

Tap drink dispensers on tableionic : Infused Water* (From Celebration gacha) (Modified to remove wood table) 5Li original. 3Li modded.



The Kitchen

These items are a mixture of 4 gachas. I have used C’est La Vie, Celebration, Mediterraneo and Northern Life

Table & Chairs: ionic – Ceremony Table & Chairs* 16Li (Celebration)

Candles on the table: ionic : Candles centerpiece 10Li (Celebration)

Bench: ionic – Ceremony bench (D)* 3Li (Celebration)

Jam cookies: ionic – Tea cookies* 7Li (Northern Life)

Kitchen Clutter on table: ionic – Rolling pins & wooden bowls* 4Li (Northern Life)

Chopped wood logs: ionic – Logs storage* 13Li (Northern Life)

Pots on top: ionic – Cookware & Loaves* 4Li (Northern Life)

Hanging pots above: ionic – Hanging casseroles* 3Li (Northern Life)

Wall plates: ionic – Oui [Art wall]* 4Li (C’est La Vie) Now Available at The Chapter Four.

Storage stand: ionic – Onions & Potatoes shelf* 5Li

Chair with plant: ionic : Country Chair* 2Li

Plant on top of the Chair: ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (C)* 3Li(not a gacha item) Available now at The Chapter Four.

Breakfast foldaway table: ionic – El te de la tarde* 4Li (Mediterraneo)


Tune in next time for a glimpse of the living room.



Flowers on Shelf (1): *LODE* Decor – Matthiola [white] 4Li

Flowers on Shelf (2): Ariskea – [Isabelle] Hydrangea Vase [Greeny] 4Li

Hanging: Dust Bunny – hanging plants . cheese plant 4Li

Standing cheese plant: hive – potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot a 6Li

Vine plant on table: Dust Bunny – hoya plant 2Li


Curtains: DRD 3. LN curtain 1 (poofed) (gacha –  Lovers Nest) 3Li

Lace CurtainsKKs – Lace Curtain pack – Straight 3Li

Wall shelf with hanging cups: DRD – GG – Rustic Kitchen – Shelf – Spring 1Li

Puppy: Half-Deer – Beagle Puppy – Scratchy (gacha) 1Li

Fridge: Dust Bunny – small spaces kitchen . vintage fridge 3Li

Pots wall frameDRD – RK – Rustic Kitchen – Rack – Pots 3Li


‘*’ denotes items kindly provided by Creator for  review/blogging purposes.

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