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[dropcap]Today my avatar is living her best life in some of her most favourate colours in the whole wide world. I love this beautiful set from Cubic Cherry, the horns are life itself. There are some creators that change your perspective of a thing and I wouldn’t have called myself a horn person till Cubic Cherry. [/dropcap]

It’s like an edible piece of confectionary. I truely feel that should I be able to hold it in my hand, I would try to chew on it. In my mind it would crumble like a beautiful strawberry and mint flavoured mint crumble. Much like eating a Cadbury’s Flake I envision it would crumble around the edges and I would have to bring my hand up to my mouth to catch the small pieces tumbling from my lips. The little balls that make up the necklace would probably be little gobstoppers and the floating beads must surely be filled with sherbert…

Giving up sweets is so hard. This is only day four…

Isn’t this pose just the best pose?! I really liked it, as soon as I saw it, I knew. That’s the pose for my picture. My accompanying friends today are part of a Cubic Cherry & Tea Bunny collaboration coming to The Crystal Heart Festival and guess what, the shy grey one hiding further behind me is a gift only available at the event.

Here is a peek at the HUD (click the image for a bigger size);

My outfit is by Cynful and Cynful have been making some mainstore releases recently that are so cute. The best thing about them? You don’t have to bust out the TP hammer. It’s just a nice, stress free, waltz in waltz out shop. You get your gorgeous Cynful goodies faster and you get to the looking good faster. What’s not to love about that whole scenario? I don’t know what it is but this store is one of the few people that make shorts look SO good.

The shorts are my favourate part of the outfit because it gives me the most delightful bottom to look at. However the cheeky high cut of the top makes me feel like I’ve got the worlds cheekiest avatar. I have side boob, under boob…every boob. You get the ability to choose texts or to have no text at all but I loved the swirl of the Hustle text and thought it was fun and quite chest appropriate for such a cheeky top.

And now for a run down of the cute items used in my image please see the credits below

Horns: Cubic Cherry – 01[Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} horns RARE*[highlight] @LootBox [/highlight]
Necklace: Cubic Cherry – 16 [Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} necklace*[highlight] @LootBox [/highlight]
Bindi: Cubic Cherry – 12[Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} bindi gold* [highlight] @LootBox [/highlight]
Eyepatch: Cubic Cherry – 04[Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} eyepatch pink B* [highlight]@LootBox [/highlight]
Lipstick: Kotte – Faded Lips (Catwa, genesis, lelutka, loud mouth, omega, system)[highlight]@Mainstore [/highlight]
Outfit: Cynful – Baewatch Set (Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass)* [highlight]@Mainstore Release [/highlight]
Floating Beads: Cubic Cherry -17 [Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} floating beads* [highlight]@LootBox [/highlight]
Leg wraps: Cubic Cherry – 06 {Aarya} ribbon feet pink (unrigged)
Floating minions: Cubic Cherry & TeaBunny– {George} loyal minion (float) & Ghost version (gift)*[highlight] @The Crystal Heart (opens June 30th)[/highlight]
Pose: Serendipity – Fiona (bento pose)* See below for an image of all the poses. [highlight]@Mainstore [/highlight]

Serendipity: fiona... for 25LT

Supporting Cast

Hair: Truth – Cheri (Multitone 2)
Backdrop: AMITOMO / K9 Anniversary item / Photo Background (previous gift)

Mesh body being used is Belleza Freya combined with the Catwa Lona bento head

* – denotes items kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging/review purposes.

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