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I love Icream

[dropcap]The Crystal Heart festival is in town and if you haven’t yet been you’re going to have to fight your way past a lot of magical girls all vying for the prestigious chance to drop into the halls of magical vendors. This place is amazing! I was very lucky to get an early access to the event thanks to Jacques who was kind enough to offer me the chance to be a plus one.[/dropcap]

I’m not going to lie. I screamed. I flopped about. I did the dance. I grinned at everyone for an entire day. They didn’t know what I was smiling about. I got a lot of answering smiles in return. I practically floated on clouds of pink everywhere I walked. I had thought the feeling might subside by the time it came to actually go into the early access part of the event. It didn’t. This is why I can full attest to how pretty the sim is. You will love it. There are so many amazing vendors to see. So much beautiful creativity.

There are even some provisions for the Freya mesh body. Which pleased me. I wish there had been more but that there were even some made me ecstatic. So don’t forget to support your favourate Belleza body creators and perhaps some of the new ones you haven’t met yet.



I will be updating the list of stores soon as some stores have taken to adding Freya to their list of bodies. Like The Secret Store. I was so happy about this particular one because it is one of my favourate stores and I always had to miss out on items because I have to buy equally for my bodies and Maitreya was still in the lead. It is hard to justify more purchases for my Maitreya when my Freya is lagging behind so badly. I have endeavored to try and keep them somewhat equal so I am better able to provide both options to everyone. So stay tuned because I will be showcasing over the weeks some items from the event.

Today I loved this really cute hair from Kotte but wait, she’s got a really cute accessories gacha as well. This gacha just claimed my heart. My vitals are low, inject some more sugar stat!

Let me show you the vendor because only then can you truly appreciate it.


kotte - utau charms @The Crystal Heart Festival

While we are all eagerly trying to get into The Crystal Heart Festival lets not forget another equally cute event currently still running. Blush. Can’t get into The Crystal Heart yet? Try Blush! MS Design has a really cute jumper and panties set there and that’s what my avatar is wearing in the picture. It’s adorable. My skin is from Soap Berry and I LOVE it. I didn’t think I would because I don’t use tanned skins very often but there is something that pulls me back to this one and trust me, I had a long time to demo both. The skin is so soft and beautiful and the lips are adorable. So I bought the tan because beautifully done work deserves to be supported and I deserve cute avatars and so do you! Here’s a close up shot.




Hair: kotte – *utau hair + [highlight type=”yellow”]@The Crystal Heart[/highlight]

Hair Ribbon: Kotte – *Utau Charms – Ribbon A2 (gacha) [highlight type=”yellow”]
@The Crystal Heart[/highlight]

Glasses: Kotte – *Utau Charms – Shade A1 (gacha) [highlight type=”yellow”]@The Crystal Heart[/highlight]

Earrings: kotte – *Utau Charms – dark jewel (gacha) [highlight type=”yellow”]@The Crystal Heart[/highlight]

Top & Bottom: MS Design – *Sweater & Panties outfit (Maitreya only) [highlight type=”yellow”]@Blush[/highlight]



Supporting Cast

Skin: .SB. – Lea Skin Tone 3 @Rewind

Nails: E.Marie – Unicorn Confetti Set

Rings: Ama – Sakura Set – Rings 2 (gacha)

Icecream cup (hold): CHACHA – Gomdori ICE Gacha / Common 3 / Strawberry (gacha) @The Crystal Heart

Bag: Tentacio – Cute Girl Needs – magic bag light blue (gacha) @The Crystal Heart

Pose: Hazy – Yukine (now Chu-ing)

Icecream Vending machine: Dust Bunny –  @Summerfest

Icecream cone racks: Dust Bunny – Snow Cones (raspberry & blueberry- 29-06-18 flf sale)

Icecream machines (table top): Dust Bunny – Shaved Ice Machine (29-06-18 flf sale)

Cup dessert iccreams on table: Wednesday[+] ~ IceCream Shop ~ IceCream Cups – COMMON (gacha)

Shelf: Half Deer – Lovely Things Shelf – Floral Light

Wall items (cut off): Moss & Mink – Memo board & Be happy Wall Hanging

Table: Half Deer – Scalloped Counter Table (Pink)

Build: CMYK// – 6. Time for the moon night @The Crystal Heart


View HQ version on flickr


Mesh body used is Maitreya with the Catwa Lona mesh head

items with ‘*’ denote items that have been kindly provided by Creator/Event for blogging/review purposes.

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