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May we have a quick close up of those panties?

[dropcap]Did you know that Collabor88 changes over by the end of tomorrow? No?! Well, we had better get you over there tout suite for that last minute dash! The end of the current round is upon us and all those lovely beach wear and beach themed builds and furniture will move and be replaced by a new round. So lets grab some last minute items while we can. Today I’m showing off the cute top by Osmia (that’s a must buy because it is so very cute).[/dropcap]

In the showcase are also these panties by Hucci. The are the lower part of a swimsuit set but also work very well with the top I thought. You really shouldn’t get so close. You’re making her shy. If you want to team your top with something else however because you’re shy too, Osmia also has a complimenting denim skirt available for purchase.

The swimmingly luxurious locks are provided by Stealthic. If you haven’t seen this one yet and you adore a long sleek hairstyle, then here’s one for the books. It’s very pretty to wear with it’s soft wispy ends.


My tattoo is from Stardust and I am so glad for this pose by Serendipity (the creator of the most delightful poses, ever! they are a joy) because it allows me to show you just how the tattoo extends over the fingers. Stardust has done two tattoos like these so far where it extends all over the body. I thought the last was my favourate then this one came along and I feel like I’m constantly saying, this is the best one…no…this is. Can I make up my mind? no, not with Stardust. I’m constantly being blown away. This is a gorgeous full body tattoo. Simply gorgeous and to pick up a copy for yourself you just need to hop on over to The Crystal Heart festival. It comes in different colours and shades. Trust me…you’ll love it.


And now for the credits and locations


Hair: Stealthic – Avela* @Collabor88

Top: Osmia – Selena Top*(top pictured. See below for top and skirt vendor image) @Collabor88

Panties: Hucci – Evadale swimsuit* (lower part pictured. See below for full vendor image) @Collabor88

TattooStardust – Dream – Rose* @The Crystal Heart Festival

Pose: Serendipity – Rose (3)* (bento pose)


Vendor images for top and Swimsuit

Evadale Swimsuit @ Collarbor88

Selena @C88


Supporting Cast

Skin: Soap Berry – Lea Skin

Shape used (modded slightly): Hello Gorgeous – Sugarplum (purchased via marketplace)


Want a HQ non condensed view? Click here for flickr image


Mesh body used in image: Maitreya Lara

Mesh head used in image: Catwa Lona

‘*’ Denotes items kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging purposes

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