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The Lemonade Lady

A new round of Collabor88 is here and it’s theme is ‘Bon Appetit’. It’s promising to be just as exciting as it sounds. Just a short look over the line up and I don’t think you couldn’t possibly ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over at least a handful of things. Top of my list is the new bento mesh head, Cherry, from LAQ (she is so cute!). I’ve paired this head with the Cherry skin also from LAQ and in the main image you can see her without any lipgloss. I’ve used my own shape however there is also a shape available in the mesh head pack which is just as cute.[/dropcap]

Did you know that the LAQ skin appliers are only 30 Linden at the mainstore? They only seem to have 0.5 and 0.2 exclusive to maitreya at the moment but hopefully they provide it for the other bodies soon. For now I enjoyed my brief stint as a sunkissed beauty.

I used the Brow version of the skin and mixed it up by applying IGOTIT’s brows on top. It gave it an interesting outcome on the brows and I liked it so much it stayed. These brows along with the lipgloss in the second image will be available at The Seasons Story.

Yes, the Seasons story is back too and opening today. I’ve deliberately bided my time to hand you all a double K.O of great events. The pose in the main shot is by Stardust! I was so surprised to see some poses and they are so lovely as well. I think Stardust is keeping me on my toes. I love it. It’s a set of five poses and below you can see the vendor image showcasing them all. The necklace from Shanghai is really lovely and you can also see it better in the second close up image.

Cynful is also at Collabor88 this round and they have a denim skirt available.

But not just ‘any’ denim skirt. As usual Cynful doesn’t do things by half, oh god no. This skirt comes with bells and whistles. The ability to toggle the belt on and off, change colour, have the attached panties on or off and you can even decide to have the fishnet on or off too. As well as a choice of colours. This is not just any denim skirt, it’s a Cynful denim skirt. This is what I love so much. Not only is it made well, you get choices. I decided to match the skirt to another Cynful product the Baewatch top because I feel they go incredibly well together.

If there existed a lemonade stand where a sunkissed lady with a fall of dark hair sold drinks…that might be where allsummer earnings went!

Here is a shot of the scenery I set it up only to have a single shot in it where most of it would end up out of shot but it’s so pretty that I decided to take a picture of it too.


*Clothing items

Pose: Stardust – Summer Breeze 05 Bento Pose (used in main image) @Seasons Story

.Stardust's bento poses at The Seasons Story - July 10th.

Hair: Little Bones – Geist – The Brunette Master Kit @Collabor88

Eyes: A.D.D.Andel! – Lilac Eyes-Blue @Seasons Story

Eyebrows: IGOTIT – Brave Brows – worn over brows skin version (omega & catwa applier) @Seasons Story

Head: LAQ – LAQ Bento – Cherry 3.05 @Collabor88

Skin: LAQ – Cherry Skin appliers (brow version) @Collabor88

Lipstick: IGOTIT – Summer Lips (omega & catwa applier) @Seasons Story

Necklace: Shanghai – Thaila Necklace White @Seasons Story

Top: Cynful – Baewatch Top @Mainstore

Skirt: Cynful – Riana’s Denim Skirt @Collabor88

*Furniture items

Lemonade stand: Ariskea – [Sour] Fresh Lemonade Stand 9Li @Collabor88

Lemon baskets: Ariskea – [Sour] Fresh Lemon Basket 1Li (at original size) @Collabor88

Fan: Cherry House – 7. Cool summer-Electric fan-C 2Li (gacha) @Seasons Story

Drink dispensers: Ariskea – [Sour] Pink Lemonade Jar & Classic Lemonade Jar @Collabor88

Straw holder: Ariskea – [Sour] Pink Vase Straw @Collabor88

Supporting Cast


Hairbase: Siix – Safari Hairbase (catwa & omega)

Lipgloss (animated): REIGN.- Lippuckers Roll on Gloss (BLUEBERRY)- ANIMATED #9 (gacha)

(Background/Scenery decor)

Building one: MINIMAL – Bionic Building Black *2b* 49Li (gacha)

Building two (smaller): MINIMAL – Bionic Building *4* 11Li (gacha)

Potted flowers: O.M.E.N – Spring Daisies – Potted 5Li each

Cash machine: BananaN – 04 Kawaii Shoppe – cash machine 2Li (gacha)

Traffic Cone: ionic – Traffic Cones (gacha)

Truck: O.M.E.N – Spring Daisies Truck 44Li

Table: taikou – ramenya table 1Li (gacha)

Stools: taikou – round stool 1Li each

Street & Paving:[-BLUE SKY-] – Urban Road

Trees: Alirium – DwarfForest – [OldGold] 3Li

Using Belleza Freya Mesh Body combined with personal modified shape and LAQ Cherry bento mesh head

‘*’ Denotes items kindly provided for blogging/review purposes by Creators/Events.

View on Flickr (coming shortly)
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