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[dropcap]Today I decided I would like to show off the really pretty outfit from Altair. I was lucky enough to win a copy and I was so happy about it I bounced around the kitchen screeching to myself. It took me awhile to be able to make a picture using it simply because last week my computer broke. I am waiting for it to come back to me even though I am not yet sure if I can afford to pay the repair costs. A loaned computer and a lot of hair pulling later I’m taking pictures albeit a lot slower and with limited functionality. So here is my newest image and I’ve worn the dress for it. The colours were perfect for it. The HUD is quite extensive too I even have a screenshot of it below.[/dropcap]



Did you know it took three weeks of hard work by the Creator of Altair to get all the details just perfect on this dress? Lunaria is available to pick up from the Crystal Heart Festival till the 21st of June.


I loved the level of customisation and the fact that the pack had both a long and short version of the skirt as well as versions with the inner transparent top and without. My favourate turned out to be the short skirt because one of the things I loved about sailor moon was how the characters are drawn with the worlds most ridiculously long legs. To this end I favoured the short version and I even made my avatar a little more leggy than she usually is.

The colours were a perfect match for the chance to bring out these beautifully made dragon eggs and a dragon creature to boot. These eggs are amazing. I’ve resized them and they still stayed  at one land impact.

I love Cubic Cherry for it’s inate ability to come up with things that I didn’t even realise I was missing in my second life. I’ve always had a dragon, I won him from a gacha but I never thought to find egg decorations. Now we have a multitude of them! We have egg babies!

They are by Cubic Cherry and pictured are the rezz versions. There is also a hold version also pictured, as well as a head version. These also come with a fun HUD with multiple colours to choose from. The eggs are so well made and they also have lovely shiney surfaces for those of you that love to play with lights like I do. The level of detail on each scale is amazing. The dragon eggs are available at The Fantasy Collective which opened July 10th.



Cubic Cherry: Dragon Eggs HUD Screenshot
Altair: Lunaria HUD screenshot



Dragon Eggs: Cubic Cherry– Dragon Eggs* @ The Fantasy Collective


Supporting Cast: 

Hair: Sintiklia – Night Queen – Nox (rare) (gacha)

Bangs: Sintiklia – Night Queen – Bangs 4

Bun attachments: Barberyumyum – Nekomimi (gift)

Outfit (consisting of collar, cuffs, shawl, dress, heels): Altair – lunaria outfit .chibi. @ The Crystal Heart

Dragon: Aii – Profane Guardian (rare) (gacha)

SceptreViolent Seduction x Horntooth – Evil Queen Iki’s Staff (gift)


Mesh head used LAQ Cherry currently available to purchase at Collabor88 combined with Maitreya mesh body

‘*’ denotes items kindly provided by creator/event for blogging/review purposes.

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