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The cakes are all mine

[dropcap]Today’s image was a quick inspired thing that happened all of a sudden watching my avatar standing there seemingly so protective of something. Then I thought…what is a bear girl most protective of? and then I had a eureka moment. Sweets![/dropcap]


This is her ‘no you will not’ look.


With a sweet tooth like hers this is definitely what she is protecting.

What are you most protective of?


Don’t touch the glass…


Those aren’t yours either!



Pose: Stardust –  Summer Breeze – 06 Bento Pose @The Season Story

Rings: PSYCHO:Byts – Pisione Rings Set @The Season Story

Tattoo: P i c h i –  Breezing Flowers tattoo (maitreya lara only) @The Season Story

DressThe Mystic – lolita Purfle Dress (Rose) -Maitreya @The Season Story

Cake display: Half Deer – Bakery Display Counter – Pink (1Li) @Collabor88

Cupcakes: Half Deer – Cupcake Tray – Rainbow & Strawberry Pink (BONUS) (1Li per tray) @Collabor88

CakepopsHalf Deer – Cake Pop Tray – Mint & Strawberry (1Li per tray) @Collabor88

MacaroonsHalf Deer – Macaron Tray – Vanilla Pink & Blueberry (BONUS) (1Li per tray) @Collabor88

Cake sign: What Next – Patisserie Sign – Princess @Collabor88

Cake boxes (stacked) : What Next – Patisserie Cake Box (stack) (2Li) @Collabor88

Cake box (open): What Next – Patisserie Cake Box (open) (1Li) @Collabor88


Supporting Cast

Shape: Meow.hi – Shape number 40 (LAQ Scarlet/maitreya shape) -marketplace link

Hair: Sintiklia – Xia – Light Blonde

Face moles: Izzies – LAQ applier face moles

Skin: Mudskin – Babydoll 1 (gacha)

Eyes: Mudskin – YONI Lens # 2 (from Yoni’s favourate)

Shaved Icecream makerDust Bunny – shaved ice machine . pink (1Li)


Using LAQ head Scarlet and Maitreya Lara body

All items are accessable from the Event location only until event ends and then they may be obtained from the mainstore.

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