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The Pink Room


The Pink Room


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I’ve been having a terrible week with technology, two weeks I should say. I woke up and turned on my computer and it promptly died on me. Needless to say I was completely taken aback. It had been working just fine when I finished all my pictures and turned it off to go to bed.

The next morning, it booted up and then just turned off. It wouldn’t come back on again. Thus started the long process of chasing down apple centres to get the earliest appointment. If like me you have your weeks planned out and you have deadlines to meet and have taken on work…you’ll know what a death knell it is to wake up to a non functioning computer. I had to get it fixed. Pronto. It was still the beginning of the month. If I moved fast, I could get it repaired and up without anyone needing to know I was out of commission.

After a lot of running around, telephone calls and then getting the quickest appointment slot I could…it turned out I had been sent to the wrong place as they couldn’t fix it for me. Thank you Apple. Thank you for nothing!

I had to call back instead and was given a day in the coming week at the Apple store. I took it in, they had a look at it, quoted me an (what I had considered then at least) extraordinary price of 280 before giving re-quote of 80 pounds cheaper. Just under 200 anyway. I only had a 150 budget but okay, lets do it I said.

That week passed into the next week and I got a phone call to say although they had fixed what was initially wrong, it turned out there was something ‘else’ wrong that needed to be fixed to get it working so it would work. This extra thing that needed to be done would cost me 780 pounds on top of the previous amount I was paying. It would have come almost to 1000 pounds just to repair an old model MacBook. Considering how much trouble I’ve had with the thing since its arrival, even if I did by some miracle have that money I would not throw it into an old tech.

I can’t even say I was rendered speechless because I wasn’t. It went more along the lines of sinking into a quicksand of depression while I blubbered at the person on the other side of the line. This servant of the ‘bad news’ demon. How could you all do this to me???! (yes that actually featured somewhere in my blubbering)

Obviously I just couldn’t afford this and the one small thing I at least got to take away was that they wouldn’t charge me for the work they did so far as they would be taking it back out before giving me back my (useless) laptop. Thanks Apple. Thanks for a great load of nothing at all.

So at the end of this very condensed story? I’m stuck with a dud laptop that has my recording programs (so I have been unable to do any videos this month either) My photos I had taken in advance for the stores I officially blog for as well as events. So much for actually getting a head start. It left me with less than two weeks left of the month to try and catch up from scratch! It’s been beg, borrow and…not necessarily steal but certainly take liberties. I have managed to keep going albeit it very slowly.

I’ve had to ask for some time extensions (which I hate doing, I hate choosing who has to wait. I don’t want to do that to anyone) It’s what has made me keep this maddening pace.

I now have a computer to use and I’m trying to catch up on all the outstanding images so don’t worry, they are coming. However what that means for you dear readers, is that there will be an influx of images in the upcoming last week of this month so you will most likely notice that there is an update more regularly than normal. Quite possibly and almost everyday update. Can you handle it? good! because I believe in you. Let’s keep shopping together.



Outfit: C’est La Vie – Febe Tankini 2 @mainstore

Moles (pic 2): C’est La vie – Nari Mole – Group gift6doo, catwa, lelutka, omega @mainstore

Tattoo: Stardust – Dream – Candy (maitreya, belleza, slink & omega) (last day to pick up from The Crystal Heart Festival. After this please click on the Store name for link to the mainstore.)

Shoes: Pure Poison – Pure Poison – Sheila Sandals @Kustom9

Pose (pic two – siting): Serendipity – Cora 5 @mainstore


Serendipity: cora... @ Redeux


Supporting Cast

Pose (pic one – laying): Foxcity – bad kitty 7m

Hair: Taketomi – Serena – Nurie (using nurieIV new from inside the pack)

Skin: Mudskin – CHI HI RO  makeup skin 11 (gacha) – tone is 104

Canopy: Moss & Mink –  Millie Canopy (comes with hud of colours)

BedMoss & Mink – Emma Bed – (pg and adult available and comes with hud for a lot of different colours. It’s very pretty!)

Flower cagesAriskea [ Chic Baby ] Viene Babybreath Suspender


Body used in this image is maitreya lara and the mesh head used is LAQ Cherry.

All items in credits kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes. All items in supporting Cast were purchased with the exception of the Babybreath suspender.




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