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The seasons story is still running till the 31st of this month and as promised here are more items you can only pick up here during the current round. This time it’s a home and garden post and I enjoyed it immensely.

My thought was to create an intimate space in a little side of a lobby somewhere.

Here come the credits…


Items from the Summer Killer gacha set by OLQINU @ The Seasons story

Blinds: OLQINU – summer killer -bamboo blinds [botanical] 2Li @TSS

Blinds 2: OLQINU -summer killer -bamboo blinds [pineapple] 2Li @TSS

Palm signOLQINU – summer killer -tokyo tropical night neon sign 3Li @TSS

Hanging Vests (black): OLQINU – summer killer -tanktop [avant-garde] 2Li @TSS

Hanging Vests (white): OLQINU – summer killer -tanktop [abnormal] 2Li @TSS

Table: OLQINU – summer killer -hype table 1Li @TSS

Insect coil: OLQINU – summer killer -insecticide set 2Li @TSS

Mini Icecream tubs with sticks: OLQINU – summer killer – ice cream [chocolate mint] 1Li (on table) @TSS

Mini Icecream tub with stick: OLQINU – summer killer -ice cream [vanilla] 1Li (on ground)

Carpet: OLQINU : summer killer -watermelon rug 2Li @TSS

Fan with blanket – red: OLQINU – summer killer -cooldown set [wind] 2Li @TSS

Fan with blanket – Tiger: OLQINU – summer killer -cooldown set [tiger] 2Li @TSS

Pack of Takoyaki (on ground) : OLQINU – summer killer -takoyaki pack 2Li @TSS

Bottles: OLQINU : summer killer -empty soda pop 2Li @TSS


Chair[ILAYA] – Minerva Chair [Fatpack] 1Li @ The Seasons story

Counter table: mimicoup (by mimicoup inword/no store link available) : My Counter +Brown+ 3Li @ The Seasons story


Items from Snack Shack by Junk Food @ The Seasons story

Drinks dispenserJunk Food – Tropical Drink Dispenser 11Li @TSS

Crisps/Chips: Junk Food – Chip Bags 3Li (resized) @TSS

Colourful Dango on stickJunk Food – Colored Dango 3Li @TSS

Original Dango on stick: Junk Food – Regular Dango 3Li @TSS

Corn on table: Junk Food – Grilled Corn 4Li @TSS


Plants used in scene (supporting cast items – not review items)

Hanging (foreground)dust bunny – darling hanging plant 5Li

Hanging (background)dust bunny – hanging plants . cheese plant 4Li

Standing plants{vespertine} – birds of paradise palm. 4Li

Table plantdust bunny – hoya plant 2Li

Building used for backgroundTrompe Loeil – Emiko Courtyard Cottage 84Li (P.S Trompe is currently having a half price gift card sale and today is the last day!)


other items used (supporting cast 2)

Bread ballsdust bunny – harvest feast . dinner rolls 1Li

Pile of books on tablenani (now called Bonbon) – my afternoon – book pile [gacha] 3Li

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  • Courtney

    Hello there! My name is Courtney (SL: Tatiana Spellhunter) and I used to co run a SL home and garden blog until I had to take an SL break. I’ve recently returned to SL and would love to get back into blogging with someone and I cane across your blog and loved it!! So I was curious if you’d be interested in maybe co blogging l? I primarily focus on SL home decor but I’d love to work with you if you’re interested:). Feel free to email:

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