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The Beach house


Today’s post is with thanks to Ionic and their lovely gacha set out at the Chapter four called The Shore and a mainstore set called Fiesta . I’m definitely experiencing beach weather here in the UK. I dare say I’m experiencing too much beach weather. It’s so warm I don’t know how to handle it. Our house isn’t made for hot weather. It’s actually geared towards retaining heat for the cold long lasting winters. At least they certainly feel like they last forever.

Part of me wishes rather than the high flat I live in, raised up towards the sun like some ancient sacrifice, I was actually at such a beach. Dipping my toes in the water while I flirt with my fear of large bodies of water. Reveling in the cool feeling of being surrounded, even a little bit, by water.

Sunrise and Sunset both happen through our windows and I can fully attest to just how good the insulation is in this place. I currently sit in front of the computer typing this to you, stewing in the undiluted heat of a late afternoon and being ‘side simmered’ by the heat pumping forth from the monster computer. The yellow walls now seem like a huge mistake. Something that was meant to simulate the sunshine in a country where it tends to be mostly grey, now they just join the extremely bright sunshine adding to my general feeling of heat.

So yes…yes I want to be at the beach. I want to be at this beach.

Hand me my latest vice, a Costa Berry Cooler and let me dream.

Houseionic : The Shore House – RARE 111Li @TCF
Electric poleionic : Shore light pole 14Li @TCF
Electric boxionic : Fuse Box 3Li @TCF
Shacksionic : Beach toilet (pink tones, blue tones) 7Li each @TCF
Lifesaver standionic : Lifesaver 3Li @TCF
Lighthouseionic : Faro 18Li @Mainstore
Deckionic : Wooden Planks Base 48Li @Mainstore
Bridgeionic : Shore path (straight) 9Li @TCF
Signionic : Good dogs welcome! 2Li @TCF
Flag: ionic : Summer Flags 3Li @TCF
Beersionic : Birras! 9Li @Mainstore
Fenceionic : Shore fence 7Li @TCF

Some snacks have been helpfully put out for everyone and by now I’m sure everyone knows about my penchant for virtual food. Take a look at that pizza for example. It’s hands down the best virtual pizza I have ever seen!

Deck chairionic : Beach chair 3Li each @TCF
Fridgeionic : Eco Juice Fridge 11Li @Mainstore
Pizzaionic : Pizza to go! 1Li @Mainstore
Drinkionic : Green Apple Drink 3Li @Mainstore
See supporting cast credits below for Sand Castle information

Juice stationionic : Limonada! 13Li @Mainstore
Snack Tableionic : Nachos & Dips! 7Li @Mainstore
Pink Chairionic : Patio Chair ( Washed Pink & Apple Green) 5Li @Mainstore



Supporting Cast

Trees: alirium – DwarfForest [OldGold] 3Li

Hills & Shack: – ANHELO-M53SI-187GA :: solitary island 15Li

Stones: 3D Trees – stones I. 8 pcs = 1 prim


*All products kindly provided for blogging/review purposes by Ionic with the exception of items listed in the ‘Supporting Cast’. Items listed with locations at the Ionic mainstore are part of the Fiesta Set and all items listed with location at TCF-The Chapter Four are items from The Shore set currently available at TCF till the end of this month.

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