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Today my bear wanted to show off the cute new set of poses by SEmotions. This is set 24 of the Modeling poses sets and I love this one because it looks a lot like a run of images from a still shot dance. If you note the vendor image below showcasing all of the poses you will see what I mean. Just follow along and it rather looks like a dance taking place. Have you noticed her hair? it’s all curled up in tight wavy curls, isn’t it the cutest hair you’ve ever seen? I feel all retro. Like I steped back in time for a little bit.

It’s a brand new hairstyle by Kuni and better still the Huds have had a make over and they’ve had a whopping 58 colours update. You were probably already thinking wow that’s amazing! could this party get any better. Then I come along and add that there is a SKING Katena Body option and your mind just got jettisoned into space.

It’s okay, don’t worry, it’s a good thing because that’s where you’ll find the dancing spacegirls. Party on.


*Poses: SEmotion – SEmotion Modeling Poses Set 24 (231-240) pack of 10 static poses @Sense Event
Left pose: Pose 232
Middle pose: Pose 231
Right pose: Pose 237


*Hair: Kuni – Bonnie Hair @Sense Event (till 8th of August- after that please go to mainstore link) (flickr link)
*Nails: Kotte – Strawberry nails – pink (maitreya) @Shiny Shabby

Here’s the vendor image for the set of poses

SEmotion Female Bento Modeling poses Set 24 - 10 static poses

Supporting cast

Outfit: Amitomo – Summer splash GACHA – Maitreya – 1 @Kustom9

BackdropFOXCITY. Neon CityV1 Light+Colour Change (For Bright Windlghts) 18Li


Items marked with ‘*’ denote items kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.

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