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A relaxing spot in the country

In today’s post were are back to secluded spots and I wonder did we ever truly leave them behind? or is that just wishful thinking on my part. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a hermit and then I realize…of course I’m a hermit because my most enjoyed decors seem to enter around little hideaways.

My friend Kari helped me name this post, thank you so much Kari. She was very kind to me and said she really liked it so I asked her to suggest the name of the post. Just for her I’m going to mention the word that didn’t make it through and you can imagine it added to the end and it is ‘of lushness’. I’m sharing it because I love that word. That she used it in regards to this image made me inordinately happy. I hope you all enjoy the image too.

The items featured in this post come from Collabor88 and this round will be closing soon. You have till the 6th, just over another week. Then there will be a change over. It’s going to be the birthday round. It’s going to be positively amazing. I’m so excited. I feel as excited waiting for this as I did with the Crystal Heart Festival.

Collabor88 is one of my top favourate events and having witnessed the last one I’m so very excited to see what it will look like this time. If you’ve got plurk and have been following the plurk posts for Collabor88 you will know it’sgoing to be ‘a colorful canopy of tropical rejuvenation inspired by the rainforest’ (from plurk post)

It’s going to be amazing. I’m squealing just imagining what it might be like. It’s going to be as fantastic as the last one I attended I just know it. You’re really not going to want to miss it, at all! Maybe we will meet there! wouldn’t that be fun!?

In the mean time, please take a seat, try to relax and won’t you have a cake or two…I’ll fetch us a pot of tea. While you’re relaxing, have you ever thought of suggesting a theme for Collabor88? no? then you really should. Here’s the link! If your theme is chosen you could win early access.



Building[ba] barnesworth anubis – Sagaponack house 149 Li @C88*
ChairKalopsia – Mon Cherry – Chair 3Li @C88*
Display case: Half-Deer – Bakery Display Counter – Gold 1Li @C88*
Cakes in display by Half Deer @C88*
Half-Deer Cake Pop Tray – Lavender*
Half-Deer Cake Pop Tray – Vanilla Rainbow*
Half-Deer Cupcake Tray – Strawberry Choco*
Want to see a larger version of the image? visit the flickr page image by clicking on the image below.

A relaxing spot in the country

Supporting Cast

GreenhouseDaD – “Byron Pavillon” c/m V.1.0 78Li*

RosesAnc – Garden “morning glory” {pearl} 1Li

PathApple Fall – Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long) (1 Li per piece used in scene)

Deck: DaD – Sweet haven Cottage – deck C- c/m (1Li each)*

Canopy: Half-Deer – Parasol Sunbrella – Pink Stripes (Side) 4Li*

Divider behind Display casehive – wooden room divider 8Li (gacha item)

Flowers: *LODE* Decor – Matthiola [white duo color] (resized to double size 6Li)

Box of roses: Apple Fall – Roses Box (White) 1Li

Trolley: Apple Fall – Tiffany Drink Trolley 2Li (gacha)

Cheese plant: dust bunny – potted cheese plant 1 4Li

Trees, hills and Grass: from  HPMD and Alirium

Rocks/stonesstones I. 8 pcs = 1 prim


‘*’ denotes items generously provided for blogging/review purposes. Items without an ‘*’ were purchased by me. Build set up on a secondlife sandbox.


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