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Lazy Day

Today I’ve been shopping. I wanted to find something that would compliment the really pretty new hat by Kotte. Everything I had tried so far where great wasn’t inspiring me. I think what it boiled down too was I felt like my avatar wasn’t inspiring me. She needed a freshen up. I am one of those that likes to constantly update my avatar least I get bored. She’s always still a bear girl but I like to try new clothes, new skins every now and then and new hairstyles. So I went shopping and visited the Okinawa festival. That’s where I came across this gorgeous new skin by Boatoam.

What I really loved about it was the painted lips look. It reminded me a lot of my CC sims and I love my sims okay. Naturally it was hard not to fall in love with it. In the initial vendor I hadn’t realised it had this feature, not till I demoed it. That’s when it stole my heart. It also comes with a shape too and where I don’t own the Catya head, I do have a Lona.  I still liked it very much with the Lona head. I seem to have a tendency to use shapes meant for one head with other heads and falling in love with them.

Lazy Day

After ‘um-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ on whether I should really spend 500 on a new skin…which is ridiculous because that’s a very good price for skin in Second Life. I decided I would. I believe the decision was being hampered by the fact that I only had 497 lindens to my name. I could shop for  at least 2 more Saturday Sales and Fifty Linden Fridays with that. However I gave in and pulled in some more funds and went to buy it. I’m too embarrassed to ask for 3 lindens.

I was quite frugal however with the rest of my outfit. My clothes are from a Chu-ing gacha also at Okinawa and my heels are from Reign in the Saturday Sale. As expected it came with a full colour HUD…just mind boggling that I got all that for just 75L. Reign is amazing.

My hair was already in my inventory so that doesn’t count but it went so perfectly well with for the hat I couldn’t believe it had been sitting in there and I had forgotten about it since I last wore it. The eyes were also purchased from Okinawa festival and they were 50L. So now, I’m proud to say, I have a cute outfit to compliment the cutest hat.

I bet you want the credits now, here they come…

Hatkotte – cupid bucket hat – fatpack* @ UBER



Supporting Cast


*‘ denotes items provided by creator/event for blogging / review purposes


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