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Let’s have an adventure

When I am doing new things I like to pretend I’m on a great adventure into the unknown. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be something new, it can be something completely mundane that I’m entirely tired of doing. I give it life so that it can be a little bit more interesting for me. So today, my bear is out pretending to be an intrepid explorer. Carving new trails and forging rivers. Discovering a new set of friends from Mish Mish at Collabor88 and posing for Scrapbook pictures. She’s donned her explorer’s hat because heat stroke is no joke…and for fashions sake put on the hottest pair of strappy heels ever.

Because looking good…even climbing up hills and bridges…is very important. You never know who you might meet along the way. We won’t talk about the packed sensible shoes just yet because you’ll have to pry these beauties from her cold dead body.

Even into the deep wild this intrepid explorer isn’t seen without her pretty strawberry manicure and glittery eye shadow. Why? Because camouflage. Camouflage people, it’s very important to blend in and as you can see she’s doing this quite effortlessly indeed. She’s also remembered to pose for the obligatory photograph for the adventure scrapbook. New friends are memories we always want to remember and few things are ever as cautiously exciting.

Another essential piece of equipment no adventurer can live without is the trusted backpack. Remember what we said about camouflage, look how pretty this backpack is. It blends into the environment by beautifully mimicking a leaf but it looks super stylish at the same time. I adore this backpack.

All that’s left now to do is simply remember to lift your face to the sun and worship it for just a second and I love how this pose from Serendipity allowed for just that. It was absolutely perfect for it. In fact all the poses used today were by Serendipity so please do keep an eye out in the credits for where to grab them as it is part of a hunt so get them while you can! Don’t blame me when you fall in love with her poses. Actually…you may blame me, however I will be exploring the amazonian forest alongside my kin and won’t be contactable for a while. Now, where did I leave that bear costume of mine…



All Poses: Serendipity – Nella @Mainstore for WOH

Shape: Avoixs – #MELIKEY  shape RARE (Lona&Maitreya) @The Girl Power Event (shape made for maitreya but it looks very lovely on freya too which is the body I am using in this post)

Eyes: Avoixs – #MELIKEY Eyes E04 @The Girl Power Event

Hat & hairBeusy – Plume Hair + Hat @C88

Eyeshadow & Lipstick: Glam Affair – Maze (Eyeshadow 13, Lipstick 21) @C88

Necklace: {Momoko} – Venus Necklace @The Girl Power Event

Nails: Kotte – Strawberry Nails (no…I don’t think I’m ever going to take them off) @Shiny Shabby

DressTres Blah – Tiered Dress (Freya) @C88

ShoesPure Poison – Haley Sandals – Freya @C88

Backpack: [Atomic] – Forest Backpack (comes with rigged and unrigged) @C88

SlothsMishMish – Sloth (2 versions) @C88


All above items have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Skin used; SoapBerry – Lea Tone 3


[Mesh body used for this post is the Belleza Freya combined with the Catwa Lona mesh head]

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