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A space for my plants

Today’s post is featuring more home and decor furniture by Ionic. I really liked this room. I got to reuse some of my favourate plants as well as new ones. It makes me want to decorate a whole greenhouse. In this image the thought had been to make a bedroom/plant nursery hybrid. I feel like a budding botanist once begun in such a humble cosy surrounding. There is a Second part to this image coming soon.


Building decorated: Build: ionic– where is my house? RARE 41Li

Items featured in this are from ionic‘s Where, Back to CollegeSpirit Gacha‘s

Net curtains (resized to fit): ionic: Translucent curtain [B] 2Li

Triangular shelf: ionic: Spirit Shelf 5Li

Large standing shelf (white): ionic: Spirit Shelf 3Li

Frame: ionic– where is my ocean frame? 1Li

Wall poster collection: ionic: Messing me around [poster] 4Li

Bed: Scarlet Creative – The Arcade – Grace Bed 14Li

Table: ionic– where is my desk? 7Li

Take away: ionic– where is my Take away Chinese vegan food? 4Li

Phone: ionic– where is my phone? 3Li


Plant list for bedroom (working from the framed picture on the wall towards the other end of the wall along the window ledge)

    • Floor plant: ionic: Interior plant 6Li
    • Aloe plant: {vespertine}– aloe vera plant. 1Li
    • Cheese plant: dust bunny . potted cheese plant 2Li
    • Palm plant: ionic– where is my plant? 3Li
    • Vine like plant: dust bunny . hoya plant 2Li
    • Silver potted: ionic: Clover little plant 2Li
    • Plant next to wall: {vespertine}– aglaonema plant. 2Li

Contents of the white standing shelf (list)

  • ionic: My handmade ceramic pot (C) – top shelf 3Li
  • ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (B) – bottom shelf 3Li
  • {vespertine}– spider plant. – bottom shelf 1Li



Bedside clutter (list) from Back to College gacha.

  • Lunch box: ionic: Food Taper [Sandwich] 5Li
  • Laptop clutter: ionic: Laptop , coffee and notes – RARE 6Li
  • Books & highlights: ionic: Notes from College [Psychology] 4Li
  • Mobile phone clutter: ionic: Phone and stuff [Notes] 3Li







A space for my plants

Click the above image to visit the HQ version on Flickr

All items from Ionic used in this blog post have been kindly provided by Ionic for blogging/review purposes. 

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