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Here’s trouble

Today is part two of how not to run a blog. I am not yet sure how I like making blog posts via my phone. It is small and quite awkward to do. I miss the ability to just use a keyboard but wait…don’t I have a dictation app off some sort….

Welcome to part two b of how not to run a blog. It works amazingly well if you decide to dictate instead. Now this just became a lot more fun and by the time I am through with the week I might have already mastered the art of typing a blog on the move. I feel like I earned a level up. Till circumstances dictated i had to I had never seriously considered making posys on my phone. Its probably a lot better on a tablet at least! Certainly quicker.

Talking about more things I had a blast doing…this picture. It was done upside down in a way and that it came out so well makes me very happy. It’s featuring more items from the girl power event items from one of my most favourate stores Cubic Cherry. The eyepatch is killing me with how cute it is and the skull earings? That it comes in pink is my entire virtual life right now. Please read on for the credits and you too can find out how to have adorable hair like my avatar because yes,you guessed it Kuni has a new hair release yay! I love how this one frames the face, it’s incredibly flattering.


Here's Trouble

Hair: KuniAgatha Hair @ Sense Event

Eyelashes (lower): Kuriko – Peach Soda lower eyelashes (gacha) @ The girl Power Event

Eyes: Kuriko – Peach Soda – eyes number 3 (gacha) @ The girl Power Event

Horns: Cubic Cherry – 02 horns pink {Niico} gacha set @The fantasy gacha carnival

Eyepatch: Cubic Cherry – 08 Eyepatch {Niico} gacha set @The fantasy gacha carnival

Earing: Cubic Cherry – 14 Earring pink {Niico} gacha set @The fantasy gacha carnival

Lingerie: Milk Tea – Elfrida lingerie pink hue (applier) @ The girl Power Event

Tattoo: Kuriko – Peach Soda -tattoo number 1 (gacha) @ The girl Power Event

Pose: Serendipity – Dolores 4 (mirror) *edited because i  have the maitreya had animations on and I have frozen the neck and head with a lock hud.

I am unable to find the information for the pose but as soon as I am back I will find it for you. I just have no physical way to log into second life. Not with the current situation I am in. It has not at all been easy trying to find it via flickr either and and after a day of scouring I am still unable to. It seems my post suffered an accident as well. It disappeared all of a sudden. So i have tried to restore it as much as possible. Bearing in mind it is currently 1.40am. I am not having the best luck with this lark.

Edit- I have found the pose. It is by serendipity poses.

All items have been kindly provided by the creators of each item for blogging \review purposes.

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