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Inside the new store

If you were one of the people that purchased the Builders Box Commercial Edition, I bet you’ve been wondering what you could do with your new purchase? If yes then today is your lucky day! I had a little play around because I wanted to decorate a shop. I’ve not done that yet after all. I picked the Spargel & Shine building to try on my little plot of land.

Do not be fooled by the size. I have used only the main building but there are extensions to it either side that can be rezzed if you’ve got a bigger parcel of land than mine. I filled out my 24m x 24m plot with the main building and the decorations. I am actually using up some public boundries for the landscaping but shhh don’t tell on me. It’s all been cleaned up as soon as I finished taking all the shots.

This layout is just a suggestion but the building was so cute I loved the challenge of something new. So into the new store we go…


Build used: Spargel & Shine – Galiano Modular Store Main no FX* 83Li @Builder’s Box (Commercial Edition)

PathApple Fall – Whitehall Pathway

Bicycle:  {what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor 7Li

Step lights: Spargel & Shine – Bonus Pot Light!

Small step ladder:  Disorderly – Lightly Rustic / Ladder 1Li

Lamp postsionic : Antique street lamp 2Li (from northern life gacha)

Fence: ionic : Shore fence 7Li (from The Shore gacha)

Hanging lightshive – dark boho string lights . complete 5Li


These frames & shelves featured in this post are all by Cubic Cherry and available to purchase now at WHIMSICAL event. I have used both the shelves, the gacha frames and the store frames with some frames resized in order to show just how versatile they are and aren’t they just so pretty. Even the back of them are pretty you won’t need to worry about hiding the other side of your picture frame again. They even work well as picture frames for those ‘Secondlife family/friends picture walls’ we all know you have because memories are precious. Both real and virtual.

There are different colour huds to buy. In the picture I have used the Natural colours one. Babygirls the virtual world over, yes. Yes, they do have a pastel hud too. My most favourate touch are the pretty stars on the frame.

Frames with Shelves[Cubic Cherry] {Starry} frame SQUARED v2* (sizes available – Square, Long, Wide & Extra wide)

Gacha Frames: [Cubic Cherry] {Starry} gacha machine v2* 2Li (Circular button can be unlinked to create more smaller buttons along the side)

Frames without shelves: [Cubic Cherry] {Starry} frame SQUARED v1* 1Li


Boxes: ionic : A pile of cardboard boxes 6Li (gacha)

Board: {what next} – Barn Door Memo Board* 3Li

Paper bagNutmeg – Paper Bag_Group Gift 1Li

Side board: PILOT & Can’t Even – Shutter Sidebard Table [White]* 1Li

Seats:Apple Fall – Bea Reading Chair (Hydrangea) 3Li

TableSoy – worktable group gift 2Li

Wrapped parcels under tableNutmeg – Lavender secret package Group Gift 1Li

Computer & Keyboard: [-BLUE SKY-] iHeart computer,  Keyboard+mouse 1Li each

Flower[ keke ] peony . group gift spring 2018 1Li

Cookie jardust bunny – unicorn cookie jar 1Li

Scalloped counterHalf-Deer – Scalloped Counter Table (Black) 1Li

Boxes used:  {what next} – {what next} Storage Box (resized)

Flowers*LODE* Decor – Matthiola [yellow] 2Li

Carboard boxesionic : A pile of cardboard boxes 6Li (gacha)

Seating area One

SofaREIGN.- BABE CAVE SOFA- #15 (gacha) 15Li

Clothes standREIGN.- BABE CAVE CLOSET- # 2 RARE 22Li (gacha)

Planner on counter: REIGN.- PLANNER- SUMMER VIBES (CLOSED)- WEAR #15 (gacha) 5L

Hanging plants: {vespertine} – hanging pothos 5li

Potted Cheese plants: dust bunny – potted cheese plant 4Li

The brick walls inside the building are where you can make the connections with the other building attachments. It is really a lovely building at the end of the day. I fell in love with it and now wonder what it will look like as a home. The materials on it are so amazing! When the light was at just the right angle along the wood floor I went ‘woahhh’ . True story.

Single shelves: [Cubic Cherry] – {Starry} shelf M* @ WHIMSICAL 1Li each

Pineapple plantnani+eliavah / fae’s monarch – pineapple planter [rez]  (gacha) 3Li

Plant: {vespertine} – aglaonema plant. 1Li

Pile of shopping boxesSecond Spaces – Treat Yourself – Shopping Spree – boxes 2Li (gacha)

Clothing rack: REIGN– Clothing rack (GOLD) #3 15Li

Radiator: Apple Fall – Victorian Radiator (x3 used) 1Li each, 3Li total used

Rug: MudHoney – Talia Rug*

Gold potted plantAriskea [Fluffy] Eucalyptus Plant [Yellow vase]* 5Li


Seating Area 2

Wall Canvas: SAYO – Parsons Panel – Wall 03* 1Li @C88

Tv Wall frames: * / choize / * – Sweetest Summer Day #TVframe white* 2Li each @ The Girl Power Event

Sofas: Nutmeg – Chesterfield Sofa Group Gift PG* 13Li

Center table: Aria – Ophelia Coffee table 3Li

Side table: Fancy Decor: Bernard Side Table* 1Li

Plant on side tabledust bunny – hoya plant 2Li

Chest: Peaches – Rustic Reclaimed Table – Light 2Li


On table

Tablet & cover-tres blah-  Golden Cage – Tablet 1Li

MagazineSoy – Magazine (hooded beach chair optional)* 1Li


Building and frames have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes as well as a few other items (all denoted by the ‘*’) other parts made up with gacha items as well as group gifts that I have collected over time to much more recently.

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