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I love the combination of this hair with the blindfold, it’s like having to guess the feelings of the person hiding behind it. This is why I have titled the post silence. You will have to interpret what emotions lay in her eyes when she turns up on your doorstep. Are you to fear for your life or are you to extend a welcoming hand?

Although the hair over the blindfold works for the idea behind the image, I want you to be able to see the blindfold in it’s full glory because it is a beautifully formed item. So here is the product image made by it’s creator, it even shows you all the colours! I get all excited about Cubic Cherry colours. If this was a video you would have heard me giving a little clap and giggle right at that very moment.


{Ehin} blindfold [Cubic Cherry] @ ROMP



Earing: Cubic Cherry – {Niico} 14 earring PINK @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Blindfold: Cubic Cherry – {Ehin} blindfold

Brar2 – A/D/E seiga bra [pink] (Maitreya Only) @ C88

Topr2 – A/D/E seiga [sheer] (Maitreya Only) @ C88

Skirtr2 – A/D/E seiga bottom[pink] (Maitreya Only) @ C88

Pantie coverr2 – A/D/E seiga cover[pink] (Maitreya Only) @ C88

Boots: r2 – A/D/E seiga boots[sheer] (Maitreya Only) @ C88

Pose: Serendipity – Dolores (1)


Click the above image to follow on to the HQ version on flickr


All items used above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

The mesh body used in this image is the Maitreya Mesh body combined with the Catwa Lona mesh head.


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