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A fancy penthouse

I get inordinately happy when Collabor88 gets lots of pretty furniture items because they are always so beautiful and it means it’s home decorating time. I didn’t think I could ever fawn over furniture items as much as mesh clothing but blow me down, I do. Just look at this amazing set from Fancy Decor. It’s a perfect partner to a penthouse scene because it just oozes elegance. The penthouse in question is from Barnesworth Anubis and it’s all white elegance and skylight windows, tall windows and tiled bathroom floors.

I loved the table from Second Spaces so much that it’s making a photobomb appearance because it was one of those perfectly matching items of furniture that just fit so seamlessly into a second scene that I couldn’t say no. Bias aside. I really love that table. There’s also another favourate decor store…or two making an appearance in this to tie it all up nicely. Can you guess who they are?

Sometimes we really just have to give into what we like.


Items from the current round of Collabor88

Center tableFancy Decor: Faline Coffee Table (gold & white)* 3li @Collabor88

ArmchairFancy Decor: Faline Armchair – Gold & White (adult)* 6li @Collabor88

SofaFancy Decor: Faline Sofa – Tapestry (adult)* 7li @Collabor88

Side table: Fancy Decor: Faline End Table (gold & white)* 2li @Collabor88

Console table in the backgroundSecond Spaces – Taylor table – white* 1li @Collabor88

CandlesFancy Decor: Faline Candlestick* 3li @Collabor88

Trophy style bowlFancy Decor: Faline Handled Bowl* 1li @Collabor88

Flower on table: Dust Bunny –  tabletop plants . pink peony . gold 1li @Collabor88


Items from Fameshed

Bowl of Clementines: Dust Bunny – dwarf fruit trees . clementines 1li @Fameshed




This building is amazing. Although I could only decorate one part of it. You simply have to see how beautiful this build is. It’s by Barnsworth Anubis again and it’s like a place I would love to live in one of my wildest dreams. Of course assuming money was no issue and I could get a suite so beautiful. It comes with a ground version and a skybox version. I am using the skybox version in this scene. I also decided to take some pictures of the empty rooms just so you could see how nice it is. It’s so large and beautiful too.


Building[ba] – Paris penthouse 2.0 – deluxe suite 76 (skybox version)* @Collabor88

‘*’ denotes items that have been kindly provided by creators/events for blogging / review purposes


Supporting cast

Picture frames on wall:  Fancy Decor: Harpsichord Prints 2li

Balloons: Apple Fall –  Confetti Balloon (Silver and Gold) & (Pink and Bronze) 2li each

RugDust Bunny – dreamy outing . picnic blanket . white 5li

Curtains: KnickKnack – Lace Curtain 2 – Straight 1li each

Teapot: Apple Fall – Juliette Teapot 1li

Tea cups (stacked)Apple Fall –  Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked

Fig Cake: Apple Fall –  Fig & Blackberry Cake 1li

Kiwi Cake: Apple Fall –  Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake 1li

Tea cup single: Apple Fall – Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea 1li

Newspaper: Apple Fall –  Crumpled Newspaper 1li

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