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The Motel

Driving home at after a long fun weekend isn’t much fun. The radio’s playing soft songs and your eyes are crying out for a rest. A break from the monotony of miles and miles of road and not much else. You’ve been fighting that fatigue for an hour now and you’re beginning to think you might loose to it at some point.

It’s time for a rest stop, some food and a good night’s rest. Luckily enough you just happen past a motel you never saw before on your route. It’s a long way home and there’s an unusual vibe in the air but still, it surely won’t hurt to stay a night…


All items listed below for Ionic are part of the Highway Motel gacha, available at the mainstore. Spell’s items are also available from their mainstore and are part of the Witchcraft and Wizardry gacha. Where they are not the gacha they are from will be named beside it.


Buildionic – Highway Motel – RARE  (135Li)

Side wall: ionic: Fiesta Bar RARE -This image only has it from the side. If you were wondering where the wall came from this is where it is from. It is the rare building from Ionic’s FIESTA gacha. (56Li whole build)

Parking lot: ionic  Motel Parking lot – RARE (20Li)

Vending machineionic – Soda Vending Machine (6Li)

Ice machineionic – Ice vending Machine (2Li)

Phone boothionic – Motel Payphone (4Li)

Motel signionic : Highway Motel sign (6Li)

Bicycle: {what next} – Sunflowers Bicycle Decor (7Li)*

The cafe looks warm and inviting even if strangely there is no one at the desk but the lure of a freshly cooked and laid banquet means you simply can’t refuse a comfortable seat and hot food. It’s perfectly alright, you’ll just leave some money on the table…that should be fine. Shouldn’t it?

Along the wall

Vending machine: ionic – Soda Vending Machine (6Li)

Poster: ionic – Messing me around [poster] (4Li) – from Ionic’s SPIRIT gacha

Mini Fridge: ionic – Eco Juice Fridge (11Li) – from Ionic’s FIESTA gacha

Standing shelf: ionic – where is my shelf? (5Li) from Ionic’s WHERE? gacha

Cups and dishes stack: ionic – where are my dishes? (5Li) from Ionic’s WHERE? gacha

Wall plate decoration: ionic– Oui [Art wall] (4Li) from Ionic’s C’EST LA VIE gacha

Metal  hanging sign: SPELL – Wand Store Sign (1Li)

Chairsionic – Wooden Motel Chair (2Li)

Tableionic – Wooden Motel Table (2Li)

Plant on tableionic – Interior plant (6Li – from the SPIRIT Gacha)

Table 1 

ionic – Main Curse – Russian Salad (2Li)

ionic – Starter – Salmorejo (2Li)

Table 2

ionic – Starter – Steamed potatoes (3Li)

ionic : Starter – Sweet potato and zucchini balls (2Li)

ionic – Main Curse – Croquetas (3Li)

Coffee table

ionic – Dessert – Chocolate Popsicle (2Li)

ionic – Dessert – Dulce de leche Pudding (3Li)

ionic – Dessert – Banana Cake (3Li)


Glasses: SPELL – Harry’s Glasses (3Li)

StoolSPELL – Divination Stool (3Li) From Spell’s Witchcraft and Wizardry gacha

Newspaper{what next} – Camber Newspaper (1Li)*

Table: {what next} – Camber Coffee Table 1 (3Li)*

supporting castDi’Cor – Delia Wicker Sofa (12Li)*


And finally to bed for that nap you’ve been wanting for what feels like forever as the last rays of evening falls.

The Bedroom:

Curtains: ionic – Translucent curtain [B] (3Li) from Ionic’s SPIRIT gacha

Canvas and boxes side table: ionic – Canvas & other stuff table (11Li) from Ionic’s SPIRIT gacha

Suitcase trolley: SPELL – Harry’s Trolley – RARE (6Li)

Floating letters: SPELL – An invitation Letter (14Li)

Mirror: SPELL : The Mirror of Erised RARE (2Li)

Orange slices: ionic – Oranges et Fleurs (4Li) from Ionic’s C’EST LA VIE gacha

Plant: ionic – where is my plant? (3Li) from Ionic’s WHERE? gacha

Wall lights: ionic – where is my light tree? (18Li)  from Ionic’s WHERE? gacha



Further Supporting cast  from the cafe

Wall board poster: Bazar -Toronto-Coffee art (1Li)*

Wall grid:  –Nomi– Bubble Party-Wall Grid(2) from Nomi’s Bubble Party gacha

Counter:  mimicoup : My Counter +Brown+ (3Li)

Cash machine – BananaN – 04 Kawaii Shoppe – cash machine (2Li)*

Tea tins: Apple Fall – Tea Tins & Tea Books (1Li)*

 Hanging plants -dust bunny – hanging plants . ivy planter (3Li)*


Supporting cast in bedroom

BedApple Fall – Annan Bed w/ Curtains (18Li)*

Flower basket*LODE* Decor – Matthiola [original] (2Li)*

Hurricane wall lampFancy Decor – Hurricane Sconce (2Li)*

RugSoy – Shag Round Rug w. texture changer (2Li)


All items above have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes. Items that have not are denoted with a ‘*’.

Click the image below for a link to the HQ flickr version


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