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I wanted to use my collection of furniture items from Collabor88 to make something different than I had before. Sometimes it is fun to do something with the gorgeous furniture items in different posts and then bring them all together in a post after and try to make it look wholey different than it was before. I believe it speaks for the versatility of good quality furniture. So how many furniture items can you recognise from my previous posts this month?

Of course that didn’t mean I stopped shopping for new items, not at all. I slipped them all into the scene too.


Chairs & SofaTrompe Loeil – Nellah Chair and Couch 4li each @C88

Blanket on sofa: Half Deer – Blanket clutter  1li @C88

Coffee table: What Next – Camber Coffee Table 3li @Mainstore

Coffee cups & tray: What Next – Camber Coffee Tray V2 2li @Mainstore

Newspaper: What Next – Camber Newspaper Decor 1li @Mainstore

Counter tableSecond Spaces – Taylor table – white 1li @C88

StoolMadras – Adoora Stool Decor 2li @C88

Wall pictures 1: Madras – Adoora Welcome Autum Frame 1li @C88

Wall pictures 2: Madras – Adoora Mt. Kusatsu Shirane Frame 1li @C88

Trio of jars: Madras – Adoora Jar Decors 2li @C88

CandelabraFancy Decor: Faline Candlestick 3li @C88

Supporting Cast

Mirror: anc – Looking glass (oval mirror) gacha item

Vase flower:  Fancy Decor – Watson Potted Orchid 2li

Palm plants: Dust Bunny – Potted Palm 5li

Wall light:  Fancy Decor – Hurricane Sconce 2li

Flower on coffee tableLode Decor – Marigold Pot [duo color]

Bag on groundDust Bunny – Botanical tote 1li

Book and cloth on stool: Dust Bunny – Cozy reading 1li

Palm in basket (by stool) Vespertine – Parlour Palm 10li

Rug: MudHoney – Talia rug (resized large. At original size 4li)


All items listed above and denoted with ‘*’ have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging/review purposes.


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