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For my last post of September I wanted to have a little fun post, Bear and I will see you all on the other side of October. Tag! bet you can’t catch us!

Pose: Serendipity – Selene – 3 @Mainstore

Hat: Cubic Cherry – 01 Bewitched Hat RARE @LootBox

Hair: Cubic Cherry – 01 Bewitched Hair (Pastel HUD) Rare @LootBox

MonoclesCubic Cherry –  Alvie Monocle Pink L & R @Mainstore (both sides worn in picture)

Collar: Cubic Cherry – Bewitched Collar White @LootBox

Staff: Cubic Cherry – {Lil Witch~ runa} staff Back (group gift) @Mainstore

Floating star balls: Cubic Cherry – Aerial v.2 Rotating Bubbles (group gift -sept) @Mainstore

Starfishes: MishMish – Starfish Pink  @Mainstore

Outfit/lingerie: 89hz – Emma Frill Slip Top and Emma Frill Slip Skirt (Peach) @Frou Frou

Heels: Pure Poison – Anais Sandals (Maitreya, Isis, HG and Freya) @Kinky Event

Nail Polish: Demon Spit – Glittery nails

Supporting Cast

Armwarmers: 89hz – Rena Lace Arm Warmer

Body blush: Momochuu – Dooboo Tattoo Blusher Star


View HQ size on flickr


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