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Which witch are you?


I’m the kind of witch that brings a cauldron full of sweeties as opposed to eye of newt or boiled heads and lizard tongues. I hop through hallow trees cackling in delight at all the bags and bags of candy that I’m going to give to  sweet-toothed humans. They will smile in delight and thank me for my kindness…

Until their bellies are round and full and they are writhing on the ground groaning in agony because they consumed too much sugar. Then and only then shall I proceed to drag them to my evil lair. Heed my lesson well little ones, even witches toting candy can be hazardous to your state of well being. You can insert a cackling sound effect right…about…now.

Happy Halloween month!



Pose: Serendipity – Kylie – 4*

Hat: SEmotion – SEmotion Libellune Halloween Witch Hat *(-comes with its own animations-) @Pose Fair

BroomstickSEmotion – Semotion Libellune Halloween Witch Broomstick* (-comes with its own animations-) @Pose Fair 

CauldronSEmotion – SEmotion Libellune Halloween Witch Candies Pot* (-comes with hold animation as pictured-) @Pose Fair

CollarCubic Cherry – Bewitched Collar black (17) *@LootBox

BraInkhole – Zime Lingerie Top* @FrouFrou ending 8th of Oct

CorsetGhoul – Ryouchou Corset – Onyx *@FrouFrou ending 8th of Oct

TreesCubic Cherry – Hollow Trees* @The Fantasy Collective ending 8th of Oct

Floating leavesCubic Cherry – Hollow Leaves* (used Gold and Bronze) @The Fantasy Collective ending 8th of Oct

Floating stars:  Cubic Cherry – Aerial v.2 Star Bubble* @The Fantasy Collective ending 8th of Oct



Supporting Cast

HairDoux – Alessia Hairstyle

Lipgloss:  Mudskin – Honey Lip LeLutka Applier

PantiesBelleza – Giselle String (available in the Belleza body pack)

StockingsBeautiful dirty rich – Just a Rebel Stockings  (comes with heels not pictured/used in image)

Flowersanc – Silence spider lilly

This post was made using the Belleza Freya Mesh body combined with the Lelutka Spencer mesh head. All items denoted with ‘*’ have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.


Which witch

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