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A night of Black Magic

When I awake every 8th of the month I always feel excited, I wake with a sense of purpose and know it’s a Collbor88 day!. Today was no different. It also finally meant I could get to mix and match some furniture items. It’s like christmas except it comes every 8th of the month. Collabor88’s October round doesn’t disappoint either but before I went through anything else this build by Nomad arrested my attention. It is gorgeous with a capital G. It’s a beautiful dome shaped building with broken walls and a glass ceiling. It comes with a tree in it however there is an option of one with out. It looked like such a perfect setting for displaying some of the wonderful items of this months Builders box that I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love the star patterns on the wall and should it have been real I might have loved to spend time just running my hands over the etched patterns.

I actually allowed the building to sink just a tiny bit into the ground to try for a broken floor effect however the buildings floor is, in its original form, unbroken. I wanted to give it an grass overgrown feeling.

The Crystal balls and Crystals are by Dahlia and I really like items from this store because the metals are always so pretty and shiny. The texturing job is a thing of beauty. So is this seat and table set from Raindale which is also from the same box. The textures are crazy amazing. For this reason I have included lots of closer shots below so you can see just how much amazing work went into all these creations.

Here is a up close shot of the table and the items on it, the images on the cards are so detailed and the Ouija board, I feel like it could leap out at you if you simply brushed at the screen.

Items from Collabor88

Building: NOMAD – Mystic Rotunda // Midnight w. Tree 83li @Collabor88


Items from Builders Box – Black Magic

Available for purchase inworld and on the Second Life Marketplace.

Featuring home and decor items from 12 different designers. For more information see website.

Daybed/chairRaindale – Darkmore daybed 11li

TableRaindale – Darkmore set – 19LI 5li

Tall elegant lampAcorn – Weathered Outdoor Lamp -Black 6li

Standing lamps (beside chair)Raindale – Darkmore lamp 1 1li

Shorter standing lampRaindale – Darkmore lamp 3 1li

Tall pointed Crystals (left)Dahlia – Conjure – Energy Point Crystals – Black Amethyst 1li

Tall pointed Crystals (right)Dahlia – Conjure – Energy Point Crystals – Aura Quartz Pink 1li

Herb pots (orange petals)Dahlia – Conjure – Dried Herbs – Cumin 1li

Herb pots (pink petals)Dahlia – Conjure – Dried Herbs – Roses 1li

Jade coloured ballDahlia – Conjure – Energy Ball – Prehnite 1li

Amethyst coloured ballDahlia – Conjure – Energy Ball – Purple Fluorite 1li

Large crystal ballDahlia – Conjure – Black Magic – Crystal Ball 1li


Items from Mainstore

Glitter lights: [ keke ] waterfall glitter big – gold 4li*


All items listed above have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes excluding those denoted with a ‘*’.




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