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A garden fairy

Hi, guys! Happy Friday. I’m so glad it’s Friday because I have been looking forward to the end of the week. Without wanting to wish my life away of course and trust me I have no desire to do that. It’s just that it has been a most tiring week and the computer has been giving me such trouble. I am so glad to have Ichi even when I get mad at her because otherwise I would still be floundering my way through trying to fix this computer alone and I can’t imagine a worse fate.

After two days of fiddling the computer is finally on just in time for a Friday post. This is the first image I have done since reinstating the computer today complete with a shift to windows 10. We will see how it goes. Till then, please enjoy this image because today my post features this gorgeous fluffy robe from Cynful. Isn’t it so pretty?

I have however matched mine with this applier lingerie set by Chocolate Atelier because it’s delicateness works so well with all the fluff in my mind. I also love these amazing flowers, the workmanship that must have gone into that. I dare not think. I think they went very well with the messy hair from Cubic Cherry topped off with the lovely Malificent Headband by Zenith.

Who says fashion doesn’t bear many similarities to food.

Here are the credits below…


Horn headdress: Zenith – Maleficent Headband @Collabor88

Flowers: Air – Bellflower Horn @The Seasons Story

Hair: Cubic Cherry – Messy Hair – Natural HUD @The Seasons Story

Eyes89Hz – Sia Eyes – LBrown @The Seasons Story

Necklace: Lagyo – Anastas Long Clock Necklace – Gold  @Collabor88

RobeCynful – Widowmaker Robe (Maitreya, Isis, Freya and HG) @Collabor88

Lingerie: Chocolate Atelier –  Tatyana @The Seasons Story

Pose: An Lar Poses – The Nadydia Series – Four  @Collabor88


The Decor

Clover grass: keke – clover grass . summer . 10 x 10 1li @Mainstore

Star balls: Cubic Cherry –  {Aerial v.2} star bubble Group B 3li @Mainstore

Flowers (plants): Keke – secret garden flower – maxi 3li @Mainstore


All items featured above in this post were kindly provided by Creators/Event for blogging and review purposes. This post was made using the Maitreya mesh body and the Catwa Steffi mesh head. The skin used in this image is by Deetalez and it is called Brooke. It’s one of my favourate skins by Deetalez.


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A garden fairy

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