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A taste of Halloween

It’s October and closer to Halloween than ever and all I can think of is cosy kitchens and tables full of bountiful harvests. I actually had a toffee apple recently, it’s one of my favourate parts of Halloween. I can’t find a toffee apple at any other time but now so it’s truely a once a year indulgence. I will readily admit that I tend to overdo it too. Wouldn’t you? It’s like white Toblerone at Christmas. I can never find it any other time but then and I go to indulgent excess.

Unfortunately the ones I found this year, the toffee was almost inedible. I mean I expect it, yes but not to this extent…I spent the entire time fishing out inedible pieces of glass like coating from my teeth.  I tried sucking on it but it was like sucking plastic. There didn’t seem to be much of a discernible difference after 30 minutes of …hm this conversation has taken a down hill turn. The point is I feel a little cheated. These virtual toffee apples lot a lot more delicious and I think I would have a lot more success with those if they were real.

So come, come. Step into the little dining area. Warm yourself by the fire and flick through a spell book or two while you nibble. Just don’t get any crumbs on my spell books or I will turn you into a frog.


Chandelier[ keke ] crystal chandelier . colour  2li *

Dining table set by Granola – Ophelia Dining Set @Builders Box *

Web :: Marketplace :: Inworld

Items on the table

Starting from far back to the foreground

Apple Fall –  Kiwi & Blueberry Cheesecake 1li

Apple Fall – 8. Treats Platter 1li @The Epiphany

Dust Bunny –  smores jar 3li

*LODE* Decor – Snapdragon Vase Big [mix] 8li

Apple Fall – 4.Candy Corn Cauldron 1li @The Epiphany

Dust Bunny – harvest feast . sweet potato casserole 1li

Apple Fall – 2.Chocolate & Cherry Tart 1li @The Epiphany

Vespertine – jade plant 7 1li @The Epiphany

Apple Fall – Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked 1li

{what next} Fox Mug Decor (Cider) 1li @Mainstore *

Apple Fall – 10. Caramel Apples 1li each @The Epiphany

The Secret Store – Folk Teapot – Ruby 1li @The Epiphany

*LODE* Decor – Autumn Vibes Can [cranberries] 1li

Desk/Cupboard: Second Spaces – Knockwood secretary desk – black 6li * @C88

Items on the desk starting from the top to underneath

Trompe Loeil – Octobertime Pumpkin Sugar Skull 2li @The Arcade

Apple Fall – Copper Pan Stack 1li

+Half-Deer+ – Requiem Moon – Study Buddy 1li @The Arcade

Dust Bunny –  wiccan artistry . palm reading 1li @The Epiphany

Apple Fall – 3. Magnolia Spray 1li

MishMish – Lil Spirits – Essence of Dreams 1li * @ The Epiphany

  MishMish – Lil Spirits – Assorted Books 1li * @The Epiphany

Apple Fall – 6. Coffee To Go 1li @The Epiphany

THOR –  4 The Stacked Blankets 2li


The Fireplace

Fireplace: Apple Fall – Period Fireplace 7li

Items around and against the fireplace

+Half-Deer+  – Requiem Moon – Witch Broom Decor 5li

Dust Bunny – syrup dispensers 2li

*LODE* Decor – Marigold Pot [yellow] 2li

Hive – hanging candle wreath 1li

Build: –Pixicat– Darkness.Room RARE @The Epiphany 25li


items with ‘*’ are items that have been kindly given for blogging/review purposes by Creators/Events.

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