Hey, Pumpkin Pie

I had this scene done long before I made the previous post but for some reason, it just wouldn’t picture. It always seemed wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Do you ever have those days where nothing you do seems to come out as it’s meant to? well, I was having one of those with this scene. I had, by the end of it, become so sick and tired of seeing the same scene. It was deliberately goading me. In desperation, I invited a friend and this is what I ended up with.

And yes…I was finally satisfied.

Here are the credits…


Poses used

Poses: {Serendipity} – Artemia @available at Mainstore

The poses used in this post have come from the above pack. To be specific 2(mirror) and 5. 2(mirror) has been rotated to make the current couple pose depicted in this scene. I have also locked the neck/head with a hud. No modifications have been made to 5 except to rotate to lay in my lap.


Parfait’s Wearing

♡  Hair: {Lamb} – Bliss @Collabor88

Top: {The Secret Store} Michelle Buttoned Shirt @Collabor88

Skirt: {The Secret Store} Julie Skater Skirt (Freya, HG and Maitreya) @Collabor88

Shoes: {Ingenue} Stevie Oxfords@Collabor88


Mimi’s Wearing

Hair: {Olive} – the Paloma Hair

Outfit: {Legal Insanity} – Janet dirty overall (Maitreya, Freya, Isis & HG) @Collabor88



Cassette player: {Second Spaces} – Flashback 8-track – blue @Collabor88

Cassettes: {Second Spaces} – Flashback 8-track tapes – 5 stack &  wonky 3 @Collabor88

Lanterns: [ Keke ] frosted lanterns . group gift winter ’18 2li each @ Mainstore

Stool: {Fancy Decor} – Flora Step Stool 1li @Mainstore

Book pile: {Fancy Decor} – Spencer Book Stack 1li @Uber

All above items have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging/review purposes. Except for items listed under ‘Mimi’s Wearing’ which was purchased by her. All items appearing in the supporting cast below where purchased personally yet also feature items from Collabor88’s current round.


Supporting Cast

Pool: {Trompe Loeil} – Keliana Pool PG 31li

Chairs: { hive } – summer’s rattan chair [wood] pg 8li each

Pillows: {dust bunny} – dreamy outing – pillow pile – colorful pg 5li

Flower: {dust bunny} – tabletop plants – pink peony – silver 1li

Plant: {dust bunny} – elephant ear plant 3li

Pie slice on lap: {vespertine} -slice of leafy pumpkin pie 1li @Collabor88

Teapot: {vespertine} – cosy enamel kettle @Collabor88

Shopping bag: {dust bunny} – homemade soup – bag of groceries – pattern a 3li

Cat (stripes): {Mutresse} – Exhausted-Shortie Cats (gacha item)

Cat (cream): {Mutresse} – Waving-Shortie Cats 1li (gacha item)

Parasol: {Apple Fall} Summer Parasol 8li (only foot showing)


The body used in this post is the Belleza Freya mesh body combined with the Genus Mesh head and also shape by Everain.

Looking for the HQ version? Please click the image below to be taken to the Flickr version

Pumpkin Pie

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