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Hot Chocolate and some knitting

There’s a buss of activity down at Bear central and that’s because the land is being done up for the approaching yuletide season. A cosy cabin has been brought in by the power of Virtual world magic and it’s one from Trompe Loeil. This cabin is so comfy looking. It’s the perfect winter warmer type of home to having for Christmas and Bear fully intends to share.

For the moment, however, breaks in between are needed and what better way to relax than with a hot chocolate station complete with tasty muffins from What Next and some knitting with tea from Foxwood. If you don’t hurry over and take a break too Cubbie will have eaten all the muffins because there’s a certain intensity in the way they are currently being eyed up. Bears love food, warmth, and home so it’s only natural my Bear girl has taken to matching her environment in complimentary colours.

The top by Asteroid box is available now at Kustom9 and comes with four chain colour options to choose from. It’s made even more versatile by the fact that you have the option to remove the chains or have them on too if you desire a more subtle look. You can choose to have a patterned neck or a plain neck. The trousers from Cynful are the cutest, most perfectly butt forming, waist-hugging trousers in all of existence with a really realistic fabric pattern. It’s got bell bottoms and has the option to toggle the belt off and on and choose its colours. If you don’t believe me that it has the most perfectly formed bottom in the entire world, go…go now and try the demo. You’ll see. The trousers are available now at Collabor88 along with the shiny eye-catching gold earrings by Lagyo.

Here come the credits…



Earrings: [Lagyo] Veruschka Round Chain Earrings – Gold @Collabor88

Top: [] Taurdis Top (available in; Freya, HG, Maitreya & Slink Petite) @Kustom9 (New store build, go check it out it’s gorgeous!)

Trousers: [Cynful] Groovy Tweed Pants (available in; Freya, Isis, Maitreya & HG sizes) @Collabor88



Chocolate station: [What Next] Colonna Hot Chocolate Station – Full Set 19li (comes with all visible on the station, muffins etc & also a hot chocolate signboard with string lights. not pictured. It also has a texture change by clicking the sideboard. Mix, white and wood as well as glass or wire option for the doors.)

Standing Plant on side table: [What Next] Pothos Plant (stand) 2li



Post made using the Belleza Freya mesh body and the Genus mesh head

For reasons of transparency, all the above items have been kindly made available for blogging/review purposes by Creators/Events and listed separately from the supporting cast below which consists of items that have been acquired by me. However they still contain items from the current Collabor88 round.

Supporting Cast

Build: [Trompe Loeil] Ysela A-Frame Cabin 62li @Collabor88 (currently going for a price so good you’ll be surprised. Grab while you can)

Chair: [Moss & Mink]  Bethany Chair A (PG) 4li (comes as seating set, texture change hud & 30% off for Group members wearing tag) @mainstore for FameshedGO

Knitting & teapot set on the table: [Foxwood] November Days ~ Tray decor 4li @Kustom9

Knitting on the chair: [Foxwood] November ~ Knitting – pink 2li @Kustom9

Bear: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Sitting / Latte 1li

Cookie jar: [dust bunny] unicorn cookie jar 1li

Syrup dispensers:[dust bunny] syrup dispensers 2li

Board with petals and tea leaves: [dust bunny] diy rose tea . gift 3li

Trailing plant on side table (lower): [dust bunny] hoya plant 2li


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