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Wake up with me

It is nice to have people to blackmail for in payment for one picture I’ve managed to get a couple picture twice! twice. Okay, so perhaps it counts more as thrice really. Yet, It was worth it to get someone into my Bear’s pretty bedroom. Have I mentioned Bears love sleepovers too? No? well, they do. Better yet, they love waking up to a pretty view and a lovely breakfast in bed.


Wearing (Parfait)

♡ Face stickers: [VO.Z] Emoji Face Stickers – Girl’s Day* @The Girl Power Event

♡ Hat: [SEmotion] Libellune Scandinavian Hat Mono S* @Collabor88 (Bear ears do not come with)

♡ Hair: [barberyumyum] B01(mix)

♡ Jumper: {Momoko} Ryen Sweater (available in Freya, Maitreya, Isis & V-tech)*  @The Girl Power Event

♡ Teddy:[MS Design] Teddy Plain (Hold) @Mainstore

♡ Bottoms: [`M.BIRDIE] U-ni look. Pants3 (gacha item) @Kustom9for Maitreya but worn on my Freya.



♡ Standing: [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling Poses Set 42 – number 410* @Collabor88

♡ Sitting: Animation is from the bed.



♡ Lighthouse out the window: [BADA] Lighthouse (white)* 20li @The Girl Power Event

♡ Rug: [Nomi] Late Summer-Carpet 2li

♡ Bed: [Ariskea & Unkindness] Solace Seat 17 Anim [Singles] 3li

♡ Grid: [Nomi] Bubble Party-Wall Grid(3) 1li (gacha item)

♡ Dreamcatcher: [Ariskea]  Perly DreamCatcher Dollie 1li

♡ Wall hanging in the window: {moss&mink} Be happy Wall Hanging 1li


All items above that have been denoted with an asterick (*) have been kindly provided by creators and events for blogging/review purposes.

On the bed

♡ Cereal: [dust bunny] unicorn cereal 1li

♡ Brushes: [random.Matter] Pretty Girl – Hair Brush 1li (gacha item)


Table area

♡ On Stool:[dust bunny] unicorn donuts 2li

♡ Stool: [Nomi] Princess Room Dressing chair(Light) 1li (gacha item)

♡ Table: [Nomi] Candy Time-Double table(Light) 1li (gacha item)

♡ Pink heart container: [Ariskea] TooCutie Blush Container [PInk ] 2li

♡ Tins: [Nomi] Shabby Chic time-box(Mint) 1li (gacha item) @ The Secret Hideout

♡ Cream tube: [Ariskea]  TooCutie Glow Cream [ Strawberry ] 1li

♡ Brushes: [Ariskea]  Angel Brush set vase 1li (gacha item)

♡ Doughnuts in a jar: [Nomi] Shabby Chic time-Donut jar(blush) 1li (gacha item) @The Secret Hideout

♡ Lamp: [Nomi] Princess Room Table Lamp(Light) 1li (gacha item) 1li

In the far corner

♡ Bench: {moss&mink} Bench seat 1li

♡ Spray bottles decor: [tres blah] Jolie – Hair Products 1li (gacha item)

♡ Suitcase: [tres blah] Golden Cage – Suitcase Display 1li (gacha item)

♡ Bubble windows on the wall: [Nomi] Bubble Party-Bubble window(3) 1li each (gacha item)


♡ Build used: [DaD DESIGN] “Breezy Cottage” c/m V.1.0 26li


**This post is done using the Belleza Freya mesh body and the Genus mesh head

For the High Quality Flickr version click image below

Wake up with me

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