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I don’t want to share

With all the fun sales going on let’s just say my avatar has found an awful lot of new things including fun food items and she isn’t terribly inclined to share. Why…the very idea of it makes her clutch on to her sandwich. She doesn’t wish to appear as if she doesn’t to, general politeness suggests she should ask politely if you may want some. Yet, if she doesn’t see you then she doesn’t have to ask. Ingenious.


Featured items

Pose: [Stardust]  Cozy time 05 bento pose high/flat feet (part of Cozy Time pose pack) @Mainstore

Outfit: [Asteroid Box] Lyra Dress (maitreya, petite, hourglass, freya) @Mainstore

Collar: [Kotte] Utau Charms – Ribbon Choker A1 @Mainstore (gacha)

Earrings: [Ahegao] Gummy Bear Erring @ Girl Power

Shoes: [Cute or Die] Rocking Horse Ballerinas (freya, HG, Isis, Maitreya) @ Girl Power

Boxes: [What Next] Patisserie Cake Box (stack) 2li @Mainstore

Open Box: [What Next] Patisserie Cake Box (open) 1li  @Mainstore

Plate of single donut (inside box): 17[Cubic Cherry] -Lil Diner – donut plate PINK 1li (gacha) @Mainstore

Here’s a video below that shows the whole look in its entirety inworld as I see it via my viewer. There is no sound it I am still working on being able to get my vlogging set up back up and working with the new computer. Hopefully, the next video will feature sound. Fingers crossed for me.


Blusher: [Demon Spit] Cake Face – Happy Birthday

Bow: [Demon Spit] Couturier’s Bow Rose Quartz

Body Blush: [Momochuu] Cherry Tattoo Blusher

Hair: [Sintiklia] Peony

Bangs: [Sintiklia] – Bangs from ‘Viola’


A further list of credits now follows for all the items in the scenery.


Bed: [parfait] Amelia Bedroom – Light Princess Bed .PG. 18li

Doughnut jar: [Nomi] Shabby Chic time-Donut jar(blush) 1li

Tray: [Dust Bunny] happy hour tray 17li

Suitcase: [Half-Deer] First Class Kitty – Luggage – Princess 6li

Candy Floss: [Tentacio] – cotton candy tub 1li

Fruit Skewer: [Tres Blah] – Summer Fete – Fruit Skewers 1li

Fruit Packet: [Tentacio] Fresh fruit 2li

Day Bed: [tarte] Evelyn daybed 6li

Sandwich: [Tentacio] fresh sandwich 1li

Lollipops:  [Nomi] Candy Time Lollipops (gacha) 1li

Plant: [Dust Bunny] Guiana chestnut tree 2li

Make up Box: [Tres Blah] Jolie – Makeup Organizer 1li

Cupboard: [Nomi] Vintage Cupboard-White 3li

Unicorn Jar: [Half-Deer] Life is Sweet – Unicorn Sprinkle Jar (Pink) 1li (gacha)


For a High Quality, non-compressed version of the above image please follow the image below for the Flickr version

I don't want to share my goodies

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