Pop, the drink of champions and if you don’t believe it is so, then you’ve not been drinking it in the right environment. I know it’s winter and it’s either cold or it’s wet. If you live in the UK you know what I’m talking about. Those are the two weather choices you get at this time of the Season. Despite the fact that I have been cold more times than I can get warm, I have been hooked on Bubblegum fizzy drink. I have it for a snack. I have it with my dinner. I have it mid-morning. There isn’t much that it doesn’t go with. The way I love it most is chilled poured over a glass full of ice cubes…heavenly.

Naturally, that’s not helpful to me staying warm at a time when it is cold anyway but can I give it up? no. I probably should but I’ve had a miserable day, had to deal with work stress and I have been drenched on the way home by the non stop deluge of rain. I fully intend to sit back in warm fluffy clothes, click on the heating and open up one of my precious cans of Barr Bubblegum. In the meantime here’s my Bear girl with a bottle of Tentacio’s finest. Cheers m’dears.

My post today is featuring items from the Girl power event. If you haven’t visited one of their numerous rounds you may want to drop in before it closes. It will be over in a couple of days so don’t miss the end of this fabulously girly event.


♡.Ribbon: [Horntail] PINK Maitreya Big Ribbon @Girl Power Event

♡.Necklace: [ESRCH] Bowie Collar @Girl Power Event

♡.Tattoo: [Piad] Cuorepia-tattoo  @Girl Power Event

♡.Nail Polish: [Rainbow Sundae] Holo Crackle Nails (applier) @Girl Power Event

♡.Top: [Micamee] Wake up Gacha – Bra M.Lara [Exp] – 1 @Girl Power Event

♡.Bottoms: [Loki] Kiki Pants  @Girl Power Event

♡.Alarm clock: [Micamee] Wake up Gacha –  Waffle Clock – 1 @Girl Power Event

♡.Clipboard: [Micamee] Wake up Gacha – Heart Clipboard – 1 @Girl Power Event



♡.Blush: [Demon Spit] Cake face – Happy Birthday

♡.Hair: [Sintiklia] Peony (main)

♡.Bangs: [Sintiklia] Viola (bangs)

♡.Bed: 15. [LAGOM] – The Playground [Petbed Light]

♡.Soda: [Tentacio] Soda



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