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A Christmas Miracle

Happy Friday everybody! today was one of those rare occasions where all things line up and all is right in the world. It’s particularly special because not only were my friends on but the bears had also come to visit and in an amazing aligning of planets, some of the stores I blog for released items today at the very same time. So I got to incorporate a lot of them into my post today and it felt like a large happy party.

We are all playing with the Snowmen in the back garden. They magically made an appearance in the back garden and were kind enough to stay and play with us canopied by the wonderful Keke trees and Half Deer branches with their dangling lights. In fact it seems that one of the bears was so enamored with the snow creature that it couldn’t help but get a closer look. Ichi took a particular liking to one of the Snowmen because they wore matching hats.

It was a fun day and having a picture to commemorate it all is just the icing on top of a very perfect cake.



Featured items available for purchase/released today

Ichigo’s Hat/Hair: [C’est La Vie] Cara Hair @Available for Fifty Linden Friday in Blonde or Brown 24hrs only. Then all available at regular price in mainstore.

Pathway stones (with and without lights): [What Next]  Icy Paving Stone @Mainstore

Poses: [Serendipity] Cristina (bento poses) @Fly Buy Friday


Coming to Okinawa winter festival open Dec 1st

Snowmen: [Deer] Deer Snowman (Between 2li to 5li -I resized) @Okinawa

Parfait’s Hair (middle): [Ayashi] Midoka Hair @Okinawa

Bunny Earmuffs: [TeaBunny] Bunny Muffs Solid @Okinawa


Available at Collabor88

Jeans: [JustBECAUSE] Wilma Jeans – (Freya, HG, Isis, Maitreya – in high and flat) @c88

Naked Trees with lights: [+Half-Deer+] Indoor Lighted Trees – Tex. Change – Right 5li – 6li @c88


Your next mainstore purchase for winter @Keke’s mainstore

Bushes: [ keke ] small leaf bush . all seasons . soft 1li

Trees: [ keke ] small leaf tree . all seasons . soft 13li

Lantern: [ keke ] frosted lanterns . group gift winter ’18 2li

Petals over the path: [ keke ] winter leaves 1li


The Bears

BearsMishMish – Teddy Bear – Stance B / Latte // Hold me // Stance A 1li each (I am using both Decor pack and companion/hold packs)

Supporting cast

Snowball pile: [A.D.D.Andel!] Snowball Pile 1li

Outfit worn by Ichigo: [Amitomo] My Story Gacha /s/5 and [Osmia] Bad Bunny – Heels Boots Light Blue

Outfit worn by Mimi: [Amitomo] Christmas Time GACHA / S / 2 and [B.C.C] City of Stars – Short boots [Maitreya] [7] (store closed)

Mimi’s Hair: [tram] G0127 hair

Glasses worn by Parfait: [ MUDSKIN ]_IKEMEN GLASSES # 2

Cardigan worn by Parfait: [amiable] Oversized Knit Cardigan 12 (freya, HG, classic, isis, maitreya, slink, tmp and venus)

Boots: [PinkRayne] Snowtime Boots

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