The Bear & Belleza

As a resident that owns both a Maitreya and a Belleza, I can honestly say I have no problems finding clothing for my Maitreya mesh body as it is the most prolific body currently on the grid. However if like me you have and love the Belleza body too and you are struggling to dress her I have made a small collection of stores I buy from/have bought from/liked after finding out they had some things for the Belleza body.

I currently only have non template mesh stores at the moment as these are the types I frequent most. Most template stores are not short on providing Belleza sizes because the template market is very good at keeping on top of all the bodies. However they are not often in styles I like. So below are listed some stores you may want to search for.

Got more for me? feel free to send me the info via Plurk, in world messaging or via Flickrmail.

My Most Common Purchase locations

    • Tres blah (cute girly & modern)
    • Sweet Thing (Cute girly & modern too)
    • Ghoul (kawaii & modern)
    • Cynful (modern, urban, sexy, stylish)
    • C’est La Vie (reminds me of mori girl & kawaii fashion)
    • Nyu (cute and modern)
    • Le Fille Casse (sexy and girly)
    • Candy Doll (sexy)
    • Violent Seduction (lolita, sexy, cute)
    • Blueberry (modern)
    • Kitja (modern, urban)
    • Pixicat (modern, cute)
    • Osmia (sexy)
    • Boom (cute and sexy)
    • Vinyl (modern, urban, sexy)
    • Spirit
    • Rebel Hope (modern)
    • Sakura (Kawaii & girly)



My more Occassional purchases

  • Riot
  • Addams
  • Vision
  • Tetra
  • The Annex

Marketplace Only

  • OVH (no longer on the marketplace?)

Sometimes make Belleza

  • Altair -ALTAIR* (count found: 1) yasuho dress (kawaii)
  • Mossu (modern,sexy)
  • Schadenfreude (Count found: 2 possibly) (ecclectic, fun)
  • Caboodle (shiney, sexy)
  • Ison (modern, stylish)



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